Player population on xbox one

is it just me or is the pop really low? ive been waiting almost 10 min each on casual and competitive playlists

i have only been experiencing long queues since they changed matchmaking. and yes, even longer queues in casual.

I’m a PS4 player, but I recommend going to Competitive. As strange as it sounds, even I get faster game times there, than in Casual. I think GBX needs to add something to casual play to either make it easier to join, or more balanced for those players. Maybe add some effects or mutators to balance out smaller games, and shake up the gameplay a bit. Competitive is based on skill rank, and I accept that. But maybe queue it up so 10 people are selected for a Casual game, and then sorted by Player Rank. This way, instead of having to wait to find one team of five, and then another entire team of five, you can just get ten people together and sort them after they’re all set to play.

Your queue broke then.

my wait times are ~2m

I’m on Xbox and have played quite a few hours since yesterday…game lobbies/match ups are loading much faster than they were before yesterday’s update…very low wait time compared to previous matchmaking system (and I’m playing almost always in casual)…maybe 2 to 3 minutes at most…usually less I feel…I have probably about 300 hours in so I can compare pretty well (been playing since release). Best of luck.

ever since the update the queue times have been incredibly long. It seems to have done the opposite of what they intended.

I agree the queue times on xbox one are very long after the new matchmaking update. Before that I got no problems finding people in any PvP Mode.

It’s because the game is dead.

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