Player Population Question

Is there alot of people still playing Battleborn Online for PS4? like can i find online matches almost instantly?

Depends on time of day. Prime time? Maybe a few minutes at most if solo. Similar if in a group at a weird hour in the right queue. Wrong queue, early morning, and late at night? That’d be a different story. If you’re in a region outside the US, that’s another hit as well

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Canada For me.

Ah okay. @FlamesForAll is in Canada and has a pretty massive amount of time spent in the game, so he would likely be the most accurate. I don’t know many Canadian players so anecdotally I find myself lacking

Canadian here, but on Xbox. No trouble finding games quickly and I usually play between 10pm and 2am Pacific.

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Good to hear.

im canadian and play on ps4. i rarely have to wait longer than a couple of minutes except if its a queue with a strict elo (which gearbox adds and removes occasionaly just to spice things up) Also some people say that they have waited around 20 minutes to play in north america. that has never been the case for me, unless its a queue with a tight elo then maybe it will be closer to that. bottom line it is worth buying and you will have fun playing online :slight_smile:

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I’d love to play a game like this but alas, not even CoD or Overwatch reach this “instant” matchmaking time.