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I started playing homeworld few days ago. Big fan of the game and the modding community (wich basicly gives you so many games for the price of 1)

The problem i have with HW MP is that games don’t have meaning and i think thats one of the reasons people don’t stay much.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to figure out that the best games out there try to lure players with some kind of rank system (SC2, LOL, DOTA , CS GO) and so on. Wich not only makes player stay but also makes them play better.

Im no progammer but im sure writing a player history (won/lost) and some kind of basic point system ( +1 for won game - 1 for lost game) won’t be much work for the great people who created this masterpiece.

ALSO it won’t be a bad idea to make events … maybe few difrent mods (simplest one being game speed x5 (URF from lol) or something easy to code.
Im pretty sure this post will fall on deaf ears since the game already sold most of what can it sell… but hey… can’t blame a guy for trying.

Sorry for the bad english
and greetings from Bulgaria

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All great ideas! They could use the Steam Leaderboard feature easily enough like Deserts Of Kharak…

FYI, there is third party tool for this:

But ya it would be cool if it was built into the game.

Well even from marketing point the more popular you make this game… the more copies will the next sell in few years. So i think few programers for a month or so can make them alot of money down the way. tbh if it’s not for the MP expierience alot of people will prefer to pirate the game >

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Yay new people! :wink: