Player score determination

So I browsed through the forum a bit and read that player score = (kills x 2) + assists

Anyone else that thinks it’s stupid healing, supporting (damage mitigation), minion kills, camp captures… You know, useful stuff… Does not at all impact this? I mean why even have a “score” stat when you can look at your kills/assists yourself?

I really think the score stat in this way promotes the wrong mentality. A final hit becomes more important than any amount of player healing.

Does anyone have an explanation for this method of score determination? Are there any updates?


in meltdown score is determined by minions sacrificed incursion the score is the remaining health of the sentry for capture i don’t know.

Thanks for the reply.
I mean the individual player “score” on the scoreboard. Not the teamscore.
I’ll make my post a bit more specific.

i look at those scores as seeing who on my team is actually putting in effort and whoes worth adding to friends for stronger team in the future you know.

Sure, I would like to use it in a similar way… My point is, it is not accurate right now. You’ll only get “killwhores” in your friendlist where you maybe rather have a view ace support players. But support players barely get any score when they play… well… supportive.

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You should look at all the stats then. If things like minion kills, shards and builds counted towards player scores, their personal scores would likely be drastically different.

Ye sure… Still begs the question: Why is there a playerscore stat at the start of all the stats basically giving us misinformation? I mean when I see a scorestat I assume that it at least counts objective play… Even the most basic fps games add score for objective play (often not enough imho, but at least an attempt is made)

I’d like to see personal scores be drastically different to actually reflect a players worth on the field… Not always see the assassin type characters on top because of their nature.


Off topic, but player/team score (As in x2 kills + x1 assists) attributes to Meltdown score. Not sure if this was intentional or accidental.

Now i did not know that

I didn’t either at first. I won a Meltdown that should have been 500-0 but the enemy team had 12 points and I theorised but ultimately couldn’t prove why. Found the answer on these forums :slight_smile:

Anyway, off-topic so I’ll leave this one alone now :slight_smile:

It’s not far offtopic, it adds to the point. Player score is not even just a random stat that randomly appears first in the scoreboard. It’s more important than that since it has the potential to decide games and break ties in at least 2/3 modes… Now I think it’s even more important that the player score is a more accurate representation of a players worth in a match.


And as I’ve said a number of times, it creates the wrong impression among new players because it doesn’t include the contribution of many things (like those you mentioned).

I’d be perfectly happy with them removing the column completely. But if they want to keep it, it should reflect team goals by including minions/structures built/killed.

Healing and support doesn’t need to be included separately because you can already get assist that way.


While the tie-break function of it is important it’s not like those other stats aren’t shown. From a team building side of things you can just read those stats if you feel they are important to finding good players. As far as the score goes it doesn’t seem so bad that its kill based. You do get assists just for healing the killer so those points add up. Also if the support is keeping you from dying then the other team isn’t getting points. It could be more complex but I don’t see why it doesn’t work.

You know, I didn’t even think of that. Yes I do believe that score should be determined by more than just battlefield engagements and have discussed it before, but now that you bring this up it’s a change that should happen immediately upon release. Nobody wants to lose an Incursion tie because their team had less kills yet they built more and killed more minions, or lose a Meltdown based on kills despite escorting more minions through. Something must be done before this game turns into a deathmatch, Meltdown already suffered that fate midway through the beta on PS4.

I honestly feel like score is inconsequential most of the time. Yes, being good at killing can help, but not playing the objective makes you lose regardless. (I’ve seen plenty of negative K/D teams winning/win).

This is a bit of sour grapes since I typically like to demolish minions/buildables, farm shards and build as much as possible. I recall one match Incursion (As ISIC) where I had 12k shards collected and 100 minions killed (I built as much as a could in and between wave clears) but was amongst the lowest scoring since I only managed a few kills (In Ult). It just seems really negligible to me.

It’d be great if everything contributed to score, and an actual overall grade was given, but as of right now, the biggest factor is killing and assists, which already have dedicated slots on the first page post game, so it feels like it only serves to service a TDM mentality.

Just my thoughts.

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Score in PvP right now is the simple equation you mention. (kills x 2)+ Assists

We tried several things and came back to this for simplicity at release. I’m still not fond of it. I want to come back to this at some point and factor in more role and mode scoring recognition. Don’t know when this will happen, but I really want it to happen.

Until then - someone mentioned this, but there ARE a lot of stats you can use to find out how well you did comparatively. Building, Healing, shards, minions, etc…


Could you answer a question if possible? How does your score affect XP yield over the other stats, are all stats implemented into XP yield or just score?

Considering this topic is a recurrent issue being brought up around these forums - see Is K:D even relevant? - i believe it should really be addressed by GBX in the near future, it will give a bad idea of what BB is to new players and i think it will definitely be an issue on public games sooner or later.

Thanks for the reply. I’m happy to see the issue is being looked at. I understand there are probably a lot of things that take priority over this so close to launch and probably many weeks after. In the end it’s just a detail. I just want to stress (even though I’m probably preaching to the choir) that I do think it is a relatively important detail. If gamers like one thing more than winning a round, it is having the highest score (overall or just in the team). I think most players will instinctively edge toward the hero that makes them feel succesful. K/D will for many players determine their hero choice. The player score stat is an oppertunity to counter the K/D stat by giving support players a chance to score just as high as the DPS/Assassin type characters by playing their role well. Sadly, right now, the player score stat only bolsters the K/D hunger.

Having said all that, I think congratulations are in order on what promises to be a great game (even with playerscore as is ; ) and good luck with the launch!

I agree with everything you said up untill this point:

Simply because getting score through healing/support assists is unreliable. Your support target has to be in the midst of battle to become relevant to score while I think low health characters fleeing the battlezone should get at least as much support… I’d say every type of support, whether during combat, saving a dying teammate or just topping off a player farming a shard should be rewarded.