Player Suggestions To Save Battleborn

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(If you are only going to say negative things about how someone’s ideas will never work, please keep it to yourself)

The current top played games on Steam right now are: Dota 2, CS:GO, and Team Fortress 2.
Battleborn has elements from all of these games and lack popularity due to balance issues and the price range for the type of game it is. Going on sale doesn’t do much to help the game either.

My suggestion:
Free to Play Competitive: Some players are only interested in competitive play. Characters can be earned through in game currency or real world money.

Campaign Mode 15 dollars: Enable a campaign mode that lets you unlock all or at least half of the characters. For players who have purchased the game, they will get epic box unlocks and a hand full of character skins with a 2x exp for one week?

This way, the game will be way more affordable than Overwatch.

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We reaaaaally need a save the pc category hahaha.
Both ideas have been talked about here on the forums and gbx just mentioned the idea of a trial of a sort has been talked about

A trial is a thing of the past, I hope the GBX developers realize this. People can play the game on Steam and refund it if they’re not satisfied with the “Bang for their Buck.”

Even if Overwatch isn’t actually similar in gameplay, it’s a major competitor, I feel like they should do something about that 60$ price tag. Most people will pick more aesthetically pleasing graphics over more complex gameplay in general if given an identical pricing.