Player tag and quest diamond location

So if anyone else plays more than 2 players on BL2 in the handsome collection, maybe they have noticed player tags and mission diamonds not being where they are supposed to in game? I play with 2 other friends on the handsome collection, and its only a problem for the 2 people in the bottom of the screen, not the guy on the top of the screen. Idk who or if it would affect anyone if there were 1, 2, or 4 players, i just know it happens to the 2 guys on both corners of the bottom half of the screen when there are 3 players. We usually have to revive each other by looking at the mini-map, which isnt affected. I also do know it doesnt happen in the pre sequel. Could aslo possibly be a problem on the xbox one version, but i have no experience with that one.

I also want to state how grateful i am that the handsome collection exists in the first place, and how amazing 4 player split screen co-op is. Thx gearbox, and id love to play BL1 with the same 2 friends on splitcreen.

So its been 2 months and it looks like nothing will be done about this. It also looks like nothing will be done about anything regarding ANY fixes because gearbox doesnt care about this port at all. Its obvious, they didnt even make these in house, they outsorced the porting of the games to 2 separate companies. That means even if gearbox knows about a bug, they have to be a middle man for us, and the companies that ported the 2 games over. I have no reason to believe otherwise because ive only seen 1 sort of recent post here from somebody who works at gearbox saying they were working on fixing the bug, only for nothing to come of it a year later. Are armature and iron galaxy studios even remotely qualified to be working on fixing any of these bugs?

The majority of problems that get fixed here are fixed because people who bought the game are doing all of the work to help people fix their problems. So i hope the low cost of developement and upkeep was worth the feutility of trying to get anything about this port fixed for your paying customers. This port was nothing more than a cheap cash grab that worked on me. The fact that it has its own page on the gearbox forums is nothing more than a formality.

Since this is the only way my friends and i can play borderlands together, we are going to have to put up with this extremely annoying bug whenever we want to do quests in borderlands 2 for the rest of our lives. Yes, im fed up with this. Every time i would play this game with them, id come home and check this thread for any answer. Obviously ive been dissapointed a lot. So thank you gearbox. Youve showed me that i was wrong, and all of the cynical youtube gaming personalities were right about this game being so half baked, and i shouldnt have spent my money on it. Im glad you have my money regardless of how much i now regret giving it to you, so you are not obligated to do anything about this. Im also glad that my only chance to be heard is to post in a climate where game devs can delete negative critisism and penalize you for poining out their flaws instead of answering to their paying customers. Thank you so much for your SUPPORT.


Lol I used to be a huge gamma.