How is it that there is no negative impact for players who quite or are AFK?
My team had a decent push going and out Toby stopped playing at level 8. Once a game is well under way and a player quites or just walks away its game over. We held our own for a few more minutes but once everyone was killed at level 10 we all had to wait 60 seconds to come back. Our Reyna was the first to revive but there was no way she can hold her own against 5 enemies. Needless to say by the time everyone was back in action our sentry was down to 8 health and nothing could be done.

I totally understand the intention for why there is no join in progress in pvp but I dont understand how it was the decided and implemented solution. As it stands, the system in place now is to discourage people from dropping out but it obviously is not working. Over the past couple of days I have lost many matches simply for being out numbered (3x in a row in one case).

All other games I have played have a system that kicks if you are AFK and will throw another player into the game in place of that jackass who quit.

PLEASE, give me someone who WANTS to play in place of a jackass just sitting at his spawn.
I honestly dont care if anything negative happens to the person who quit, I care if I try hard and win. It keeps your players, your COMMUNITY happy and gives them a fighting chance.

This has been in every game for one simple reason - IT WORKS.

It’s like the camera 180 rule or keeping a clean topology in a model, you don’t have to keep to those guidelines . . . it’s not going to look pretty but you can do it.
That’s what this seems to be a case of. You can be different if you want to but why do that in lieu of your communities happiness.


Please give me players that want to play instead of keeping this jackass AFK sitting at his spawn.
I understand the intention for why there is no join in progress in pvp but I dont understand how it was the decided and implemented solution.
This system as it stands only hurts the gameplay and kills any momentum your team has no matter what the skill level is.


Honestly I hate the afk rule right now. Its way, way, way to forgiving. A person has to be standing still from somewhere around 3-5 minutes before a window pops up and says they will be kicked in another 5 minutes. So that’s potentially 10 minutes of someone not contributing. Should be 2 minutes of standing still (no movement of keyboard or mouse) then being warned then 30 seconds to be kicked. Right now though I think the punishment system is doing ok, if they quit from a pvp match they cant join anything until its over.

Ultimately there is no system that will stop people from leaving/afk and if you up the punishments it can push players away. This game already does more punishing to those players that plenty of games just shrug off and ignore.

I keep saying that gbx needs to grow a pair and start punising people that afk or disconnect as soon as it get kill or the sentry loss 1%.

Sadly they are ignoring the growing problem because they are afraid of losing players and I’m getting tired of playing 4vs 5 on side or the other…