Players are not Beta Testers

Who else is tired of playing this game only to have your favorite weapons, mechanics, and talents changed-with each new hotfix? I love the borderlands franchise, I have bought and played every game so far to date. Up till now, they have not disappointed. The pre-sequel had some issues-mainly lack of effort, copy paste/whitewashing. We seem to have gotten away from that, awesome! But why the current obvious lack of effort? I do not understand why you would put so much time and money into a 5th game only to then NOT test the loot (in a looter shooter mind you*). Its almost like you do not understand(care about?) your own game…The Maliwan Takedown is a perfect example. I hope now you understand that this game, at its core, is a single player game-multiplayer is the fluffy bonus resting atop it. If you stop catering to the single player, well, you won’t have a successful game anymore. Quick & Easy Solution? Make this 2 week player scaling permanent. (I say this having beaten Takedown many times, with 3 toons, on MH4 - i’m not just being pissy). In summation, I will be forced to seriously debate my next DLC purchase-Why bother? The weapons that stand out from the rest will be nerfed, talents adjusted, mechanics changed, endgame content tailored to 4 players. So again, Why bother?

I would very much like to see BL3 succeed the same way that BL2 did. Sadly, the way things are going, it simply will not happen. (I truly hope gearbox & 2k take this stuff seriously. Considering the games coming out in 2020…It will not be hard to put this game down.) Personally, I will give you ONE more DLC, a chance to fix these two major issues:
-Test loot pre-patch/hotfix
-Stop catering to Mulitplayer over Single player

If you can do that, well-I can play this game for years to come. Just like I did BL2.