Players Exploiting Head Glitch on Overgrown Incursion With Marquis

i can understand not punishing players for an exploit that allows them to unlock content easier, but an exploit to unsporting gain the advantage in PvP is ridiculous, players like me have the integrity not to do that and we get punished, i normally dont ask for bans in games but at this point i cant play incursion unless its on echelon

im going to post links to the match ids as i get them and hopefully a mod can check it out, or at least expedite a fix

Match ID:20160514-d2d8f6ad-87a4-4b5d-a289-9cc569428855

  1. Remove the GT it’s against policy
  2. More of general discussion/bug fix rather than Xbox specific
  3. This has already been reported dozens of times and the dev’s are working on it