Players & Groups Joining up - Xbox One GT List *UPDATED*


Wanted to see if there are any Xbox One clans or groups actively looking for others to join up with.

Maybe GBX can add a “Clan” section in the forums for others looking to join or pickup new Battleborn players?

P.S. Please buff Whiskey Foxtrot!

UPDATED - (after 5/23/16 I will be moving over to Overwatch and will no longer be updating this list)

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Moxie MZ
MAXXX Brutal
Wonka Wash
Like a Boss327
iTz MulC99
The Liberated
Tim JC Estrello
Whiteout Kline
Vomix Lee
Mmm Fatcakes
Mr OrangeDawn
RBD Reezzzeen
Phunk Pilot
l CIII l
Unreal Warfare
R o IN i IN
Cpt RonCodpeace
stevo5297 CR 99


Well clans I don’t think so, But if you want you can add me on xbox i play with a regular group of friends that are planning on getting battleborn on launch.

Xbox GT: Moxie MZ

Sign me in or give me a message if a clan is forming Edit

I would join, but I like also group plays. Either way you can sign me up

Gamertag: MAXXX Brutal

Thanks for the reply… will do.

Max, hopefully GBX will add a clan section to the site.

While it’d be awesome if GBX added a clan section to the site, if it doesn’t happen my GT is NMBR1D3M0NChyld. I’m gonna be playing all the time, I’m sure

I honestly dont mind small community groups for different ways to play but clans i would prefer not seeing them

Cool… I will keep a running list of GT’s here for anyone that posts.

Hmmm… curious, could you explain why you would not prefer clans in Battleborn?

  1. I played with Demon Child before shes pretty cool.

Okay on to the clan stuff:

  • I feel that clans bring a certain element that makes games annoying to play and kills the joy within them. Especially since the way Battleborn is set up its private lobbies are still fast paced and are not a game mode where you can just walk around or something.
  • The attitude of players within a clan is usually cocky and demeaning to other players. I don’t know what it is, but there mindset becomes im in a clan, my clan mates are better than you. Sure we could go private and prove him wrong but that is just annoying.
  • Gaming communities vs clans are different. The community is a group of individuals who play for fun and are often like minded and help you find people to play with when you want someone to play with. A clan is a competitive team that often harasses others not in the clan. Im not against a community set up, but clans I am always against.
  • If a map voting system comes into the game then clans typically party up and control the lobbies using sheer numbers and kind of ruins the fun, by voting on whatever map they want even if its the same map over and over again.

I say all of this after being in numerous clans in various games. They always go the same way and I then go out of my way to get blacklisted on them by doing as much damage to the clan as possible. This is just a shot synopsis of my basic reasons for why I prefer not having clans.


Ahhh, bad history with clans and I now see why you are so jaded when it comes to such. I actually totally understand your views. However, I think it couldn’t hurt if GBX added a clan section to the forums. It will be unavoidable in the game unless they add a “free agent” playlist that doesn’t allow parties.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. thumbs up

The bad histiry does make up a large sum of it yes. But clans I am still against i dont mind if we made smaller gaming communities like i said that would be fine to me but the minute u label it as clan a whole different mindset appears.

No problem i try to be helpful as well as state my opinions and if thats the case i have to be able to defend my argument otherwise it becomes a hollow point and i would lose any support for those who agree with my view

If there were to be clans that’d be awesome but its whatever. When the game comes out im going to be playing like a madman with a few others. My GT is metalkinglord15 msg me only for serious gameplay, we have fun but winning is a must for my group.

Sup, fellow Battleborn! Not so interested in clans but if you need a Merc for hire my GT is SULPHUR G3. I main Super Sayian Reyna and the infamous Rogue Battalion. Add me if you need a group taken care of lol! Only one more week till the game drops and so will the bodies lol. THE HYPE IS REAL!!!

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Thanks man, will do!

I’m all for casual story and PvP with a group of guys/gals who aren’t cutthroat or ten years old

GT: TheSheepWhisper

Edit: So this might be a dumb question, but everyone is adding everyone correct?

Add me. I’m down for anything. I don’t get to play as much as I would like, but I know what i’m doing when i’m on.

gt: c4lvitron

LOOKING forward to playing with you all on launch day:-)

Add me! I am most interested in playing with people who communicate. I don’t care if we win or lose! Just want to enjoy the game with people. GT: Wonka Wash

Yes, my assumption is that anyone posting their GT here is will to play BB with each other. So feel free to add from the list.

Yep :stuck_out_tongue: I will and I have. Looking forward to seeing you all May 3rd