Players & Groups Joining up - Xbox One GT List *UPDATED*

My plan is to add anyone who wants to play it can get boring to play with the same people time and time again and as much as i love my group new people are not bad. That was the reason I was willing to play with demon child initially. That being said i enjoyed it and though she was a lot of fun so thought i could play with others make new friends and you know the works.

I will be sending friend requests with a msg saying Gearbox BB Forum as a answer in case you dont know who added you.

Also i have seen everyone elses GTs but yours curious to what it is


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Add me if you like, though I’m not in any way looking towards the clan/must win mentality. I’ve noticed most of the people in the beta were a bit older and pretty relaxed, so I think BB has found the perfect niche crowd. x8xTANKx8x

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That’s my same thought with this, just an older group of relaxed players.

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It really does have kind of a relaxed feeling to it you get the competitive aspect of things but at the same time you really do get the more relaxed feeling to the game all around its great in my opinion.

I might get flack for this but I personally don’t want Battleborn to become an Esport because I don’t want the casual gameplay to devolve into numbers, statistics, and frustration. I have felt it in Smite. The moment something has a ‘Sport’ tacked onto to it people suck the fun out of it. That’s one reason why I think Battleborn is superior to Overwatch. Overwatch is designed and produced by a company who has a huge stake in competitive game play and they have a following of consumers who ingest their product solely for competition.

I just want to be able to enter a match and win or lose leave the match with a smile on my face. I want to kill and say ‘Good try, opponent’ and be killed and say ‘Nice play there’. That’s why I’m looking forward to this relaxed community.

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I’m also looking for a group to play with both casual and competitively for xbox one add me asap if you wanna play battleborn together my xbl gt: Like a Boss327

Added your GT to the list.

Adult player here add me. Years and years of shooters and Moba experience here. Gt megatronus83

Done, added.

Add me to the list going to be playing this like crazy in between my semester break from spring to summer. I’m looking for competitive mature people to play with. Also My wife may be joining in via split screen and shes not half bad or well she wasn’t in the beta.

GT: The Liberated

Updated the list.

Looking for a team/players to play with who can give me advice, and give instructions!

I like playing to win/tactically - but my experience of these games are none existent - so be good to learn from a group who can direct me on what to do etc! I do have experience with shooters, just not moba’s !! PM me :slight_smile:

Hey add me if you want once again my gt is Moxie MZ I have gotten really good at Battleborn not amazing or anything, but Im not bad I play a lot with demon child and a few others but always looking for another person to play with.

With that said I beat my personal Best game yesterday by getting 17 kills 15 assists and 1 death as Shayne and Aurox I was Pretty happy :smiley:

Just added you now - be good to play with someone who can give me advice and direct me during a game, at least until I pick up what I should be doing by myself!

Always happy to play with everyone :smiley:
add me (almost always online)

Tim JC Estrello

Hey everyone!! I’m really getting into Battleborn, it’s a super fun game I’m liking a great deal. My only issue is that I need some friends. I would love to try this competitively and would love to play with anyone in that mindset. I really wouldn’t mind playing with anyone at all. If you wouldn’t mind adding me to the list, I am about to scroll through and add everyone already there.

BigOleToast08 (XBONE)

I’m playing on Xbox One, UK, mostly play Incursion mode :slight_smile: Feel free to invite me to any matches of any mode!

GT - Lucifonz