Players Have Golden Podiums?

It seems that every time I join a coop match there are a few people that have like this golden poteum under their player. I’m kinda curious how they got it. At first I thought it was for the season pass holders but I now have the season pass and yet my is still grey (default color)
So how does one get a golden poteum? Is it by getting all gold is coop or what?
Couldn’t be maxing out a character cause orendi is level 15 with all her challenges dine.

Digital delux version gives it.

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Damn. Kinda wish I would have gotten it instead.
So other then deluxe edition there is no other way to obtain it?

I dont think at this point that there is any other way to get it, though I am kinda glad I didn’t bother after I have seen it. The “gold” pedestal seems kinda gaudy to me, i think i would rather just stick to the normal one.


I couldn’t tell you, bud. It never really interested me so I didn’t look into it more.

The digital deluxe also came with skins and taunts and the season pass included was also cheaper, but it’s now 40 bucks instead of 75

Do you mean that gold base at the bottom of your character when you select it? I think its when you fully select a character. Like literally hit the “ok” button one more time to lock it in, after you select character, loadout, skin, taunt, then one more “ok” and boom, it turns gold.

Nope. It’s coz those people bought Battleborn Digital Deluxe Edition. Just like I did

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I have one with only season pass and friends who have it but only have the base game. No season pass or anything. Can’t be it.

Well, it is indeed from the digital deluxe version:

You can see it lists the bonuses there. Not sure how else one could have the golden pedestals. It was not from preordering - that gave the “Firstborn” title and five gold skins.

What is a poteum?

Edit: Nevermind apparently it’s Latin for ‘mate’.

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Yeah that was my fault.
Meant to say podium. Lol
(Aka pedestal)

I’m kinda curious if the skins and taunts that they give you for buying the deluxe version is available by means of earning them in the epic or class packs? Cause I seen one for Orendi that I want. Lol was pretty bad ass.

As far as I know, they are exclusive too the digital deluxe version

I believe you’re referring too the Orendi cyber skin, and yes it does look rather nice :wink:

Ha honestly I never seen a cyber skin for any of the players. Kinda curious now what her cyber skin looks like! :open_mouth:
But the one I was talking about is when she uses her hands to make eyes and a mouth and yells “I’M SO MAD!” it was pretty awesome.
Oh and they need to fix her third taunt cause when she uses it she looks up instead of looking at the camera. Haha just nit picky about things. :wink:

That’s not exclusive, I’m pretty sure. Not completely, but pretty sure it’s just a loot taunt. I wish you luck getting it :slight_smile:

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That taunt should also come with the Digital Deluxe Edition.

All the Cyber Skins that came with DDE.

Meehhh so I’m not really missing out on much cause their level 15 skin (the black ones) looks much better then those. Just curious on what taunts you get lol

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I like that the cyber skins are animated, plus the grey red color scheme is pretty.

But here’s the taunts you get:
Oscar Mike has a taunt similar to Ambras (off with their heads) "Re:Your Neck"
Caldarius Gets a taunt called “Mission Complete” where he smashes on the ground
Miko gets a Taunt called “The Challenge” I think? All his taunts are really lame tho so… They’re all basically the same, nothing special.
Pheobe gets a taunt called “All in the Wrist” where she stabs a lot and then does a cute laugh.
Orendi gets the “Hand Puppet Theater” where she makes a face with her arms and yells a line, like “I’ve Got 4 Arms!” I think that one is the best.

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Golden podiums tell you that the player is a good person and handsome etc