Players leaving during the match Battleborn

Will any punishment ect. be implemented for players that leave a match? There is a like a 95% chance someone in every match leaves the game and it is extremely frustrating. Loving the game so far, but that is the one severe downside to it.


If they are AFK then there should be a penalty, but there shouldnt be for leaving mid match. You never know why they left so its not entirely fair to impose a penalty. Also sometimes you do get those potato teams and NO ONE likes being on those teams.

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Happened to me a few hours ago… Wanted to try story with random people, while selecting the character, 1 leave, then we start the game, we hadn’t killed any enemy yet but two others leaved too… then mid game (against geoff), the last one got out ><’
Frustrating indeed.

One related question : if we found gear during a mission like that, but everyone quit, so we stop the game to start another one -> do we keep the gear or do we have to complete the mission to keep it ?

I really like the idea of a short penalty for leaving a multiplayer game (campaign or PvP). Something similar to how it works in (don’t hate me) WoW would be wonderful, where if you leave a dungeon/battleground you get a debuff that prevents you from queuing up again for 30 minutes.

It means that those who legitimately have to leave for whatever reason can still do so without a problem (because if you’re leaving you’ll likely be away for more than 30 minutes), but it also punishes people who leave groups because they’re not “perfect” or have a bad composition.

It’s probably less of an issue in the campaign, where you should be able to complete it regardless of the group (eg, you don’t NEED a Tank and Support/Healer, you can do it with all melee or all ranged dps). In PvP though it becomes a real problem. People will start to recognise patterns in teams or hard-counters, and will then drop the group if it seems like the other team has an advantage (this is before the combat even starts). You’ll also get players who leave halfway through the match because their team is behind, or because they’ve been put with players who are new to the game/that character.

Other games have shown that without a penalty, this system will get abused (which makes it much less fun for those who don’t abuse it). You’ll not only have those leaving groups for their own selfish reasons, but as I’ve seen in other games with matchmaking systems, you will get trolls who join a team only to disrupt the game doing deliberately silly things (such as friendly fire, failing objectives, blocking doorways, stealing resources but not using them etc etc).

In addition to the penalty, I’d love for there to be a “join game in-progress” option similar to Borderlands (where it scales enemies up when a new player joins and down if they leave). They could even offer some sort of reward (extra chance at loot, extra shard collection, extra credits or whatever) to encourage people to join these games. Of course, there’d need to be some sort of restrictions though. For example, you only get the reward if you join a game in progress that someone left from and only if they’ve gotten a certain % of the way through the match (say 1st mini-boss/checkpoint in the campaigns). It means that those players who were in a group but had some douchebag leave can still get that group experience and not be penalised for other people being jerks.


We’re aware of the feedback on leaving and are investigating where we are and what we need to tweak. We have some short term and longer term options here, and want to be sure we’re correctly addressing the problem.

There are already some penalties in place for leaving, as well as some rewards for sticking it out. Those may not be cutting it to properly incentivize players to stay in the match until complete.

I’m going to try and post more on the state of things tomorrow (later today…it’s early in the morning here!), but we’re definitely aware of the concerns here.


The problem continuing - both in-game and as repeated topics/posts in forum - ought be enough evidence.

Tx, @Jythri, for instant response to @TheFunfighter’s post and for rolling up the GBX sleeves to deal with a behaviour causing so much frustration :thumbsup:


I played a couple of games in a row yesterday that ended up being 3v5. My team with 3 players lost, but it took the full 30 minutes as the opposition didn’t seem to really know how to capitalise on their advantage, also, the vote to surrender didn’t pass unfortunately.

It’s super annoying seeing 2 people just disconnected, they really should be kicked after a delay of some sort. If they d/c before the game starts, there should be no delay in kicking and replacing.

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The uneven numbered matches - are the one and only big thing that stops me from buying this game. I don’t mind to lose in 5v5, but if I’m gonna lose everytime only because we are playing 4 vs 5 or even 3 vs 5 - then whats the point of this game?

Yesterday I’ve played for ~8 hours and the last ~4-5 matches my team had one less member from the very start. It’s beyond frustrating. And the way this game works (progression system), there are no possibilities for other ppl to join in midgame and replace someone who quit.


I really like the idea of not giving Leavers XP/Progression for their next game after quitting.


That’s good to hear. I do hope to see a forum post discussing all the feedback you’ve received throughout the beta and what will be done to alleviate any concerns.

Here’s what I posted on reddit in another thread earlier, which should give you guys a bit more info on this.

There are currently several penalties for leaving a match already in place, but these are either not clear or strong enough to disincentivize people from leaving the match. We will almost certainly pursue both education and penalty changes to help get this under control.

The penalties currently in place are:

  • If you leave a PvP match, you cannot join another match until the one you left finishes. You only have the option to re-join.
  • You earn a reduced amount of experience and credits if you are not present at the match end
  • If a team has less than 4 players during character select, you will return to matchmaking in the front end.

We are tracking those who disconnect and do not return to the match and have some other avenues of consequence we can take towards those who are bad sports.

We also expect that getting our skill-based matchmaking running (giving you the chance to match with players closer to your skill level, be that high or low) will go a long way to helping alleviate some of the strain here.

So, no specifics on what further we might do at this point, but this is a major topic of discussion among the devs now. We’re watching and reading your feelings and comments, and want to work to make this a better experience.

An additional detail for my friends on this forum - we’re seeing a difference between the actual data regarding leavers in the matches and what is being passionately reported on the forums. In general, the statistics for matching leaving doesn’t show a pronounced increase early in the match (which is what these forum posts suggest). The data DOES show a big spike late game, which I’m nearly certain corresponds to being on the losing team later in the match.

I’ve certainly seen some disconnect problems, but in the few dozen games I’ve played the last couple of days, leaving doesn’t seem to be as problematic for me as it does for other forum users. The data supports that, meaning either we are not yet looking at the data correctly, or that the problem is a bit rarer than reported.

Either way, this is an issue we are taking seriously, and as I mentioned above, I think there are some steps in place and some steps that we can take in the near future that will help incentivize players to play full matches.


@Jythri, may the data deviate because of the - ime current - fact that leavers, when they realise they are not able to play elsewhere as long as left match continues, tend to re-join but only to, as a form of “protest”,
lame about doing next to nothing to support team? That way getting the end benefits but not contributing at all (and in the process corrupting the data).

I e, technically, in the match. But not in reality.

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That may be another problem that we’ll need to address if we see more toxicity emerge. But when we track “leavers” we’re tracking players who disconnect and then never reconnect in the match.

It’s an option, yes.

We’re trying to balance getting people in matches with the number leaving that makes the game unplayable. Right now, we’re seeing plenty of 4/5 matches end with wins, for the players that stick it out and play. We’re measuring how bad this is before we cause anything less than a 5v5 to disconnect, because we’re also cautious of the other problem, where players troll-disconnect during character select keeping others out of the match with frequency.

Keep posting your thoughts if they change or progress, and we’ll keep watching and measuring.


Tx for providing the more detailed info :thumbsup: and for tracking, addressing and ultimately preventing the multitypes of sabotage.

Just lost an Incursion match (50-73) because our Marquis immediately went AFK and some other player disconnected halfway through, not that he was getting any work done. AFKers should be given a ~2-3 minute timeout, after which they’ll be kicked and replaced with someone from matchmaking, same with disconnects.


Is it possible that you are overestimating the win-ability of 4v5 because the match making in the beta is not consistently matching teams of very close to equal skill against each other? That is if the variance in the skill of the two teams that are being matched is very high then 4v5s will win a fair amount of the time. If match making improves post launch such that very evenly skilled teams are regularly matched against eachother that winrate for a 4v5 should plummet.

I think regardless of the winrate, 4v5 matches have a much higher chance of causing a negative game experience than a 5v5 matches. It is no fun to stomp a team that is down a man, and it is no fun to get overrun when down a man. Even if half of the 4v5 games end up being close, I think most players would much rather wait an extra 2 minutes to start a game than to spend 15-25 minutes in a game with a 50% chance of being a lost cause / easy win. If the community is over-reporting the incidence of leavers / disconnecters I would take that as an indication that the times it does happen are highly frustrating and leaves a strong impression in players minds.

FWIW I think League of Legends has a very good system for this and a very low rate of leavers so I would really recommend considering adopting existing systems from one of the competitive team based games that have been tested by millions of players over the course of years, at least as a starting point. Then you can see if Battleborn needs something a bit different, but why not at least take the industry standard as a starting point?

EDIT: One final thought. Someone disconnecting for the first five minutes and coming back is still a significant and frustrating disadvantage. It is probably annoying enough that people will complain about it on the forums so if people are including those events was posting about their experience but those events are not included in your data that might explain some of the discrepancy.

EDIT 2: I in no way mean to complain, I just really want your game to succeed and think this issue is a major one that can have a big impact on the games success, I hope this doesn’t come off as negative, I love BB :slight_smile:


I love this game, but it’s honestly annoying starting out every single match at level 1, having to grind to level 10 and around the time I get to level 4 or 5 they either RQ like crazy or surrender. The technical test had way more competitive matches.

I left Story/Public (on my friend’s account) due to running out of lives and there seeming to be no point to sticking around, but leaving during a match is completely unacceptable, even if your team is totally fresh or junk.

The problem with punishment is that it solves nothing. If they quit they can’t join another game, until the one they joined is done. That is enough. If you apply some kind of other punishment, all they will do is let the game run with their character standing in the corner. I have seen that happen too often, anyway.
Balancing the game accordingly would be any kind of solution.