Players leaving STILL a problem

So I stopped playing Battleborn a couple months ago and reminded myself why I stopped playing this very day. Whenever a player leaves a match, it DESTROYS the current match. You may as well give up there and then as your chances of winning against players of equal skill are reduced fairly significantly just with a single player gone.

My brain hurts just thinking how/why Gearbox have done absolutely nothing to fix this issue still. I’m pretty sure it’s the #1 reason players get pissed off and leave, I mean who wants to play against strenuous odds? Simply replacing the player with a bot of similar ELO or crippling the opposing team in some way would really help this become an none-issue.

I’ve complained about this being a serious issue countless times in both this forum and Reddit, yet the developers don’t want to seem to acknowledge it. So please do something about it or even more players than have already left will also find something else to do with their time…

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Wrong, the number one reason why players stop playing this game is due to the matchmaking problem. This issue contribute greatly to the reason why many leave a match as well.


Right, it’s all part of the same issue though. Still it’s something which definitely puts me off, knowing we’re not all playing on a level playing-field.

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4v5 isn’t that hard unless you play capture or face off. The missing person means Exp is less divided and you can get an easy level advantage. Mistakes are punished much harder but if you hold out the chances of winning aren’t nearly as low as you imply.

Honestly there are situations when it can be worse to have a bad player over a missing player. Considering how bad the AIs are, I’d rather just be short a person


Agreed. There have been times where a match against 4 good players becomes much easier when a bad player returns from afk/disconnect. 4v5 Incursion is totally doable, 4v5 Meltdown is rough, but sometims doable.

4v5 is only winnable in Incursion when your opponents are much less skilled than your team. Otherwise you stand 0 chance of a comeback/win. I have won 2v5 and 3v5 against complete newbs.

Edit: A 4v5 also occurs when one of your teammate decide to go for double thralls or run back to the base to heal… I hate that so much!

Untrue. It’s meta dependent but a skilled 4man can win over a skilled 5man in Incursion when working as a team.

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That will never happen. What you call skilled opponents are not as good or are a lot less skilled compared to your team. if they lose a 4v5 match on their favor even if your team have the top tier characters, they lack skill/communication/coordination


Nah, there’s lots of character imbalance such that a meta-favourite 4-man comp can dominate a lot of 5-man comps. Not all BB are created equal.


Then I won’t be paying BB in the future. Normal games would account for a loss of a player, continuing to have these sorts of issues is why some players don’t return…

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That doesn’t matter. A 5v4 advantage makes that insignificant. If both teams are equally skilled, each group will emphasize on team composition before the match even starts. Both groups will work as a team. Both team members will coordinate their offensive and defensive tactics. The outcome will favor the group that has the extra equally skilled player. The team of only 4 members will constantly get outnumbered and lose because of it.

lolno eg. a 4-man team that has support and at least 3 CC can still utterly dominate a 5man team w limited CC. A 4-man team with a gal and a support will dominate an equally skilled 5-man team w/o a gal and w/o the CC to handle one. There are some character combos that can only be dealt with via constant, hard CC. Galilea is never “outnumbered” unless she’s chain-stunned into the ground. In the current meta, there are plenty of 4v5 matchups that heavily favour the 4man team.

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Unfortunately, as of now, the majority I come across are beginner or average skilled players. At least that’s my experience on Xbox 1. When the winter update is released I can see many of the skilled/experienced players returning.

if you find yourself on a 4v5 at the moment, chances are you will win if you are a really good player for your team.

You haven’t gone against equally skilled opponents on 4v5 if you are claiming such things. Also on my previous post, I stated that both teams will emphasize team composition . I don’t have to keep repeating this but Galilea is easy to counter when facing skilled opponents. I’m off to sleep. Good night!

Equally skilled teams, you can only do so much with certain comps bro… Example. A team w/o wound and w/o hard CC simply will not stop an equally skilled team with anything like a Gal and a pocket healer. There are tons of comps it’s very easy to succeed with in 4v5 and there are tons of comps that would be a major pain for even a more skilled 5 stack. Your premise is flawed because it assumes every character has equal potential in every circumstance, which is untrue… hence why anyone with a lick o sense insta-bans Gal in draft. Hell, even just take any 5 non-CC BB and put them against 4 CC BB and they’re going to have one hell of a time. The current meta is not “happy sunshine land where every BB is just as good as every other BB in every situation.” Rip 5 non-ranged characters against a team with a Benedict. Rip a team w/o wound or CC vs a pocket healer (or multiple supports in general). The fact that some comps are just WAY stronger than others is what makes solo queueing terrible, because you constantly end up with troll comps w/o any support, CC, or hope in hell.

Lots of comps can’t handle Gal. Lot’s of comps can’t handle Boldur. Lots of comps can’t handle Benedict or even Ernest or Toby. Some teams just have more synergy than others. Some comps can barely handle wave clear if there’s pressure on them. You could have a number of situations where the 4-man comp’s characters and synergy just outright counter the 5man’s characters and synergy. There are comps where the 5man must win quickly or they will lose as the 4man comp levels, because some characters are much stronger late game than others. The size of the team is but one of a number of important factors in deciding the outcome of any given match.

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Don’t you mainly play Incursion? If so that’s odd, because on PS4 Incursion might as well be a competitive (Meta Tryhard) queue full of the experienced players while Quick Match is where all the new players are.

Maybe the higher player base means more new players are willing to try out Incursion over Quick Match.

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Blaine and I played against an Overgrowth comp tonight that, once they hit level 5, repeatedly cycled Sublimate > Blink Storm > Paradigm with perfect timing every time the wave hit the choke.

We hadn’t brought a meta team (I was Mell, as always.) Our three team mates were not in a group with us. Things did not go well. I managed to avoid dying at least, but apart from two sneaky Blade Launcher kills I accomplished precisely nothing.

And I was still happy because they were Japanese and so I got a yellow bar. Tells you a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stun is utterly dominant in Incursion and I don’t think it’s all controversial to suggest a team of 4 with lots of hard CC could trounce a team of 5 without any.


That’s obvious. However, an equally skilled enemy’s team will not choose a team comp that doesn’t have cc. They know the meta and thus emphasize on such compositions. They know how to coordinate their cc just as well. A 4v5 win is not possible against equally/greater skilled opponents.

I only play incurson. Meltdown and Capture bored me after the first week of the game released date. For Face-off, I did like 3 matches until it bored me. Maybe, it’s the time I play but I can’t find many level 100+ players that are above average in this mode anymore. It’s frustrating that I even decided to play with Newbs lately to have decent matches.

I’m sure, it will be a different story once winter update kicks in.

Deserter penalty… If you enter a match and leave (for any reason) you should have a deserter penalty. Without a penalty you just encourage this type of behavior.

If you initiate a surrender vote and your team vetoes it and then you leave, you should get a larger penalty.

The penalty is that they can’t play another match until the current battle finished (unless a premade is created). The devs wouldn’t do anything more than that. The game is a business after all. The players are not violating any term of service by leaving boring matches.