Players that are still getting owned by Galilea

I just have a question. Now that we are in the day and age of streaming a few clicks away can I see maybe videos of you getting owned by oh so broken Gali? Cause by this point I just feel that a lot of players are just complaining. I don’t mean pics of end scores of Gali records but I mean actual footage post patch of Gali still wrecking faces (from your point of view).

Any and all would be helpful and maybe we can break it down to the issue.


I tend to only get ‘owned’ by gali when she has support. 1v1 I’ve taken her down with several battleborn.

Also I have a feeling this thread may go south fast…hope it doesn’t

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Most people who make videos are usually fairly good, so this probably wouldn’t be a good way to get the feedback you want.

Personally I think she is very good when she has full health, and able to use the range attack. Without that, she has to use melee and she is not as powerful as Rath. I fear Bolder and Rath more than Gali. And since the games launch I’ve yet to see anyone getting badass scores with Gali, so your probably right in saying people ‘are complaining’.

Any tanky class with support is hard to play against with team backup…

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Ive seen high numbers pre nerf but post i rarely see it unless it’s a person who is just honestly good. I hear alot of people say she is powerful but I don’t see any footage of where.

As a person who thinks Gali is OP and needs balancing, I can tell you I own 90% of Gali’s I play. However, I’m a level 100 and have pretty good stats; player skill is variable. If I own a Gali with a melee character odds are they are below my skill level or I just outplayed the sh*t out of them. I would imagine most people that agree she needs some work have this same experience. Doesn’t change the fact that her kit has way too much. She has too many positives without enough negatives. On the off chance I go against a Gali, with support or not, that is of my skill level… I will get owned.

Like I’ve said in many post, it’s just about taking an objective look at her kit.

What character would you compare her to? What character has all her positives with no negatives? She’s a “brawler”, so name me another brawler that can effect the game like she can. Not many characters I can think of can do things like pull me into a silence (from pretty outrageous ranges if I’m being honest) from level one. Oh, and she has a 2 second stun, a shield that can block close to 2000 dmg (its bugged). Her DPS is crazy as well.

I am so down for a stat driven convo on her.

Edit: I’ll do my best to get some footage.


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I’ve seen Rath put out just as much if not more damage with the right gear by only using his final, in roughly the same amount of time. Without showing the damage details of what all she used against you that picture proves nothing.

Also Boldur is MUCH worse to go against in combat. His shield is twice as strong as Gali’s and with the right morph it gets stronger as he moves faster with it, he can slow, stun, knock back, and bleed you in an matter of seconds if played right. I’ll take a team of Gali’s over a good Boldur anyday.

Since she’s a tank I’ll break her down into what I feel the type of tank she is and what category she fits in.

Sentry Tanks - Tanks that can hold a position extremely well rather it be providing escape routes for attackers or divert attention away from ranged characters. Characters, Isic, Toby

Control Tanks - Tanks that are used to control players and minions once an area is of target is chosen, being able to absorb enough damage and still provide adequate CC to have Attackers pick them off if sequenced correctly. Characters, Attikus, Kelvin

Pusher Tanks - Tanks that can effectively push their allies and minions forward, being able to sustain enough damage to eventually push players out of an area and have players control it. Characters Galilea, Boldur

Montana - Who can do all of these but not really the best in any of them,

The thing I feel is that alot of players look at Gali and think “Oh I can take her I’m an attacker!” and run right into her without thinking exactly what her kit is meant to do, to push you out. Now I’ll be the first to admit that while she does more damage early on than Boldur, she can not push as nearly as good as he can thus making her the weaker of the two in pushing enemies out. She can’t control like Attikus and Kelvin so she’s forced to rely on Gali shenanigans to get the job done (pull you in and hope you are silly enough to stay there). Once Gali’s abilities are on cool down she has no way of getting out, unlike every other tank that does (Toby’s boosting, Boldur Dash, Lumberjack Dash etc) so once you know her ablilties has been utilized it’s like fighting a weak melee character (her Base damage will never do as much as other attackers now that the nerf has taken effect). All she can rely on is her slow dash and by that point she’s usually dead.

Unless all Gali’s are below my skill level that I’ve played I can’t see her just being OP. A good character yes, but she is extremely easy to take out. She has everything that is true, but she cannot have it at one time, she has to pick and choose which way she wants to effectively push players and minions out so her crew can move forward.

I don’t think theres any arguing that Gali’s stun is easier to use, her slow is easier to use, and she has a pull instead of a knock back. And Boldur can be specced to shield 2000 dmg (I believe), Gali’s does close to that without spec (believe it’s 1700). Gali also out DPS’s Boldur. I love Boldur, but he can’t compete with Gali, in many ways.

Boldur, Kelvin, and Attikus are labeled as brawlers. There’s no way their kits compare to Gali’s. Closest I would say is Boulder, but his stun isn’t automatic, his slow requires melee, and DPS is negligible compared to Gali’s. Especially with her ranged attack.

Boldur is a great character. If they decide to go the tank route with her I’d like to see her be more like him.

You can take these’s with a grain of salt honestly. I’ve had instances where it said a player only did 300 damage to me but I check the battle stats and I got hit by a blight, wrath of the wild, and arror damage that didn’t equal none of that, and on the flip side i’ve seen where it just said straight melee damage when I know other attacks hit me. Also I’ve seen attackers put out more damage on level 10 than this for sure. A video would help to see exactly how this damage was achieved cause the death recap be inaccurate sometimes lol.

It says Peacekeeper “Defender”. All defenders in this game are tanks so…

But who else could you say “has everything”? Off cooldown or on cooldown? And especially with such ease of use. Phoebe’s silence requires combo, Boldur’s requires melees, etc., etc.

Also, and this is where the problems start to begin…she is not a tank. I can see why you would think that, but she’s a territorial brawler; but she can tank damage like “tanks” with her ult and shield (1700-ish), plus not small health pool and 300-ish shield. Although for the sake of not getting technical lets call her a tank. 18% dmg nerf is barely anything IMO. She gets that back in her helix, plus 35% attack speed…let that sink in. With good gear your looking at 50% attack speed’ not to even mention the insane dmg she can do at full health. I believe it comes to 100% dmg increase.

My problem with Gali is that she can out DPS other melee assassins, she can keep up with tanks with the amount of damage she can absorb. She has the best CC in the game, etc., etc. There is not a category that she isn’t top tier or the best. All other characters have some weakness. The problems arise when I character excels at literally everything.

That being said I don’t think it would take “much” to bring her in line. The pull into silence at level 1 has to go. I would also keep the shield throw, but get rid of her ability to absorb so much dmg, maybe 500. Get rid of the 35% attack speed increase in her helix, and maybe bring down her dmg just a little bit. Then she would still have the best stun, good dmg, and desecrate would still be top tier.

**To me, rath has the second strongest combo, which is knock up/silence/dreadwind. This is a deadly combo, but it is every 60 sec and only after level 5; plus that is basically all he has. He has an autowin (most of the time) combo after level 5 every 60 sec or so. Gali has this every 15/20 seconds…

The pull/silence/ amplified dmg, shes getting some hits in until you can get out of the field and they will hurt and right when you are about to get out of it, stun, dead.

Edit: If she’s a tank, then let her be a tank. I’d be fine with that, but the devs should IMHO pick a category and stick her in it, make her the best in it, IDC. Just can’t have her the best or nearly the best at EVERYTHING.

In all honesty I wouldn’t mind gali as a tank if she didn’t have so much damn damage. Her cc and survivability would be fine if she did the damage of a tank, but she doesn’t she does the damage of a fighter. She should be forced to chose between the two, damage or survival, not have both. From a balancing stand point its just bad design that makes it a nightmare for a balancing team to handle since a strait numbers change will more than likely make her UP or OP while a small kit change could out right ruin her play style.

All this being said her raw damage and Helix options need to be addressed, her mid game damage is insane and still keeps up with heros she should have no business being near numbers wise.

She only gets that back if she’s in her abyssal field, which in the first place no player should be fighting her in her field. You wouldn’t fight Thorn in her blight, you wouldn’t fight Marquis while in Time distortion, so why do people actively stay in her field and think they won’t get pwned? Even then with her lack luster damage it still isn’t that much of a problem to deal with.

I really haven’t really seen Gali out DPS outher Melee assassins except for Deande, which she is just eh in damage. If you give the other assassins the same gear build on the same level they will out DPS Gali and in a fight where they are hitting one another Gali will lose without keeping them in desecreate.

she hasn’t been patched yet that’s 5/24. she has had 2 hot fixes that lowered her base damage by 18% twice as well as a few skills.

I will have to try to find some stats for you. I mean 35% attack speed?! I don’t think any character has that big of an increase, plus 18% in her helix, plus 100% damage at full health… I mean thats CRAZY.

I don’t think players want to stay in it man. I think you just have to be approximately near her and once she activates her combo your stuck there for a while. The pull will get you from relatively far and when you try to get out your stunned from point black. If you haven’t experienced this then I would say yes all the Gali’s you are playing are not that skilled, because she can easily keep you there for 3 or 4 seconds against your will.

I’ll do my best to find some stats on her DMG.

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The problem is that she CAN keep you in her field, at least long enough to kill squishier hero’s with no problem. And even healthier targets are normally running after a brawl with her hoping to live long enough to run to safety.


I would appreciate finding stats for me, cause I really want to see the problem as I’ve had none with Gali. Maybe I’ll post a video of me owning Gali’s in almost all scenerios. When I get off work today I’ll start working on a montage tomorrow as to why I would like to see videos of people getting owned by her.

I hate to burst your bubble, but some of the Tanks have the ability to do the most damage in the game lol. You should see me running Boldur :).

With that being said, don’t ask to nerf Boldur, i’d cry if my main got the banhammer.