Players that leave the game

So, if you’ve played Multiplayer so far, you should have noticed that if you leave a game in progress, you cannot join a different game until that game is finished, unless you pick the same game. Of course, I understand this is to prevent rage quits which is very common in war games like CoD/Battlefield… However, this issue here is that their spot is reserved for only them, meaning if they decide to quit the game, and not come back, nobody can fill their spot, so your team will be outnumbered no matter what. Not all quitters are rage quitters, some may have places to be, some may get disconnected, etc… so they aren’t coming back to play, leaving your team very weak. I mean… I just had a game where 3 players left because the other team was dominating, but I decided to stay with my other team mate, and the other team just destroyed us, we lost because nobody could fill the missing player spots.

Can we change this please? Allow someone new to fill their spot, even if new player is forced to play as the previous player’s chosen character. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, to still “punish” players from quitting the game, just make it so they can’t join a match for 5-10 minutes for the first offense, the 2nd would be more, so on so forth. Unless they choose to join the same match.

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I absolutely agree with this. Having someone disconnect puts that team at an immense disadvantage. The likelihood of winning lowers completely but the only problem with this is the leveling system that comes with the game. If someone disconnects when (metaphorically) everyone is level 5 what level will that person come in with? Will they have a set amount of shards depending on the median of all other players? This is a great thought, but it may be difficult to implement.

Interesting thing to think about, I like the idea of having a set amout of shards based on the median, and their level can be could possiblu be based on the median of the players of their team. Although, I can agree that it could be a difficult thing to implement. I like the idea though :slight_smile:

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Although rage quitting is crap, I reckon it would also be crap to join a game where you’re already being dominated and forced to play a character you don’t like. I think this best way to fix this problem would be make really harsh punishments for quitters and possibly replace them with AI if they do leave.

i personally do not leave games but am about to start leaving games. this is not a comeback type of game, and you get significantly less experience for losing. i am just trying to grind through the bullshiit characters available until i can play the halfway decent ones they nerfed already during the ctt and now. when the score is 150 to 15, there is no need to stay in that game. i vote for surrender and it is immediately denied. from now on i will leave those games and browse the internet while i wait

That’s a good idea: Any time someone disconnects (either voluntarily or accidentally), make a bot take control of that character. The player can come back if they want, and take control back from the bot.

Meanwhile the team gets SOME help. Bots aren’t great, but they’re not completely worthless either.

I don’t know how hard it is to implement this, but from my perspective it seems like it’s pretty minimal complexity compared to other suggestions.

The only foreseeable problem that would complicate it is the bot would need to analyse the helix and loot of the player and decide where to go from there.

When control changes from player to AI, it seems like they could allow the AI to respec (if it needs to. I have no idea if they set the AI players up to use all of the helix options or not). Then restore the helix options the player had when the player rejoins.

Punishing players doesn’t help quitting, it’s called “jailing” and I hate that framework. I agree leaving is a huge issue, and it is super frustrating. I’m not sure AI can help though, this is a game design issue. There needs to be an extra damage, life, healing or minion boost for teams with less players… but I guarantee if AI gets involved it will crap on everyone, either being too OP or too useless.

I’ve won 50% of the games where 1 person leaves, it’s not game changing yet. But when 2 or 3 leave, it’s over, and a total waste of time. Also, no one ever surrenders, I’ve tried to save 20 minutes of time by opting to surrender but not one person has ever voted yes… I’m lvl 61 btw, so I’ve played a lot.