Players vs Mods/Devs

I propose a weekly 5v5 streamed event maybe all systems each week or rotating. Draft pick 5v5 players vs creators could be a great show of visibility for the company and an epeen stroke for the players that will obviously destroy them ;P.
@JoeKGBX @Ganjamira @psychichazard any chance for something like this.


I’d be up for this, but timing it might be tricky. I get nowhere near enough time to play at the moment (RL stuff)


Well there should be a plethora of you ladies/gents just mentioned the ones I typically correspond with.

I’d be down


For those that don’t know these are typical draft pick rules.
Phase 1 - Ban phase: Each team gets to ban 3 champions by taking turns during the process

Phase 2 - Pick phase: The players pick their champions in the following order:

Team1Player1 picks a champion

Team2Player1 picks a champion Team2Player2 picks a champion

Team1Player2 picks a champion Team1Player3 picks a champion

Team2Player3 picks a champion Team2Player4 picks a champion

Team1Player4 picks a champion Team1Player5 picks a champion

Team2Player5 picks a champion

Would probably have to reduce bans to 2 because there are only 26 characters. Then we would have to determine if players or devs/mods are team 1 or 2 I would probably give devs team 1 for first pick/ban as I issued the challenge.

I´d be on board!
But I´m like the worst in PvP (well, unexperienced, 4 matches so far lol) since I main PvE.
Will see that I train a bit in case we can arrange some games^^
Also, as Psychic, I´m currently buried in RL-stuff, aka work and doctor appointments, so I´m not playing that much currently…

For some comfy PvE missions on XBox1 feel free to add me - Ganjamira is the gamertag.

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You’d be stomped.

“Mod-Stomping” kinda sounds like it could appeal to many people.^^

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And I totally would abuse my power of being a mod to suspend anyone who dared to stomp me :wink:


If they come up with an Oscar Mike skin with a monocle that I can wear while I shoot at PH…

I’m in!

Seriously though…sounds like a fun idea.

But they would still kick my a$$…

Sigh…I’m terrible at PvP.

Learning but terrible.


Hehe, I´m terrible in PvP too dude!^^ If you´re on XB1 we can run some PvE-missions together.

sadly I’m a PC guy…

Too old and too slow to do all the buttons for aiming on a console.

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Its the other way arround with me - I´m to slow and confused for mouse + keyboard :smile: Guess its more that I´m so used to play on console that aiming on PC is hard for me.^^

I have an arrow for every head. Curse you :smile:

I’m in and able to make a video from the badass squad’s PoV…

@Ganjamira I added for some pve I can play pretty much any role a team needs but useful.

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Ha…the strange thing is I don’t even use the keyboard. I use a hybrid mouse/controller setup with a piece of software called xPadder to map controller commands.

Razor Sabertooth controller in left hand for movement, hopping, ducking, sprinting Action key, reloads and grenades
9 button mouse in my right hand for shooting aiming and virtually everything else

Works good…at least for me.

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Meh it’s only a forum suspension I would just troll destiny for a week.
@JoeKGBX is this something the devs team would consider as well as something that could be made a real thing?


Bring it, willing to bet I can take any of them.

(Steam, PC)

@JoeKGBX must be scared mods seem down to scrap though. Any chance you guys would be willing to post consoles so we can see if we can get a game going?

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I’d expose you on YouTube, mate. ;D