Players who don't communicate

I feel like most of the times I lose are due to players saying nothing.

I haven’t lost many games, but this is definitely the biggest reason as to why I’ve lost.

Why don’t players communicate?


Most can’t be bothered to put on a headset lol. Though I can’t say I’m not guilty of that as well, I do try to use the right stick click ping thing often though, to point out where a marquis or someone is hiding. Or to ping a side in meltdown if it needs help.

Someone sleeping, kid running around screaming, listening to music, too few other people that bother, …
I’m sure there’s plenty of other reasons


Well, the quick ques in this game need work, as in need to exist, and the spotting is bugged at the moment.

As far as putting a mic on? Sometimes I’m better seen, not heard.

I meant typing… I type a lot in matches, more than I use voice comms. No one seems to even want to do that.

What do i look like, a guy who isn’t lazy?


Ah. Typing is a pc only thing. Can’t comment on that console

My mic does work with discord, ts, etc…but not ingame without any reason. So i can’t talk when i’m not in a premade

Maybe more ping options like we have in so many others games with command like : Help, Defend, Attack, Enemy Spotted etc…

yes, YES, this. So much this.
When players communicates, it’s so easier to win. I’ve had peoples who were playing their first PVP game, but they were communicating with us so we taught them what they didn’t know, match after match. We ended up with winning 7 out of 8 matches with 3 high rank players and 2 new players in those 8 matches.
Then again I’ve lsot matches with players quite above 20 i nrank that didn’t communicate at all despite all my friendly attempts to have them talking. Nope, never.
And I’m not event alking about a mic here, just the chat is already a huge help.
And more importantly, the gaming experience is much better with friendly communications between players.

Well, i just had a game where i was the only one attacking a Kelvin who would attack our sentry and tank it, my 4 other team mates would rather try and kill a Reyna + Miko combo behind the walls, i can’t solo a Kelvin at all, and all i got was “whine whine whine” yeah that’s right he called it whining because i did not want sentry to get killed, i guess i won’t communicate anymore, it happens too often.

It’s really annoying because i want to win and want people to do the objectives but then when i tell them about it they just don’t care, so communicating do not work at all on 95% of the community.

I don’t always use a mic in online play though I agree if all goes well it can lead to a much easier victory. I haven’t had too much trouble with the quality of mic communication in Battleborn but it’s quite hard to tell if other people are hearing me equally clearly.

Sometimes the atmosphere in a team just doesn’t invite voice communications either. That’s from experience accrued through a number of online games, particularly when some people hear a female voice. I don’t mind standing up to bullies but sometimes I’m not in the mood for it. When there are evidently cool people around it can be fun though! And I do often improve a lot when people communicate what I’m doing wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone else think it might be helpful to be able to communicate with the other team, in a separate text chat? It can be handy at times, like when people drop out.

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I don’t know why they don’t - I’m sure there are a variety of reasons - but a lack of communication(audio or text) probably does make a huge difference in the overall success rate and play experience in a match. Having some idea of what your team mates are up to or need would probably drastically color a players impression of how a match is unfolding.

I often wonder how much of the “this is OP/needs a nerf” has to do with a particular mechanic or character and how much is due to the distressed party being on the business end of players who are actually working together rather than pinning their hopes on emergent behavior carrying the day.

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Because people are lazy.

Some of us don’t have great Internet connections and Steam’s VoiP solution tends to leave a lot to be desired. If my wife and I are playing, we’ll use Discord because its overhead isn’t as bad as Steam’s.

Discord is great for communication during games. Voice quality better than Skype with an in-game overlay that lets you know who’s talking . Also great for organizing games beforehand or just chit-chatting.

Discord’s voice quality makes me sad so I stopped using it :frowning: I tried fixing it but I’m not sure what the problem is everyone either sounds muffled or far away in a wind tunnel on Discord. Skype I don’t have those issues. But either way I use in game methods of communication. I have no reason to use outside methods for Battleborn :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the first time I have ever heard of someone complaining about Discord’s voice quality.

:open_mouth: different experiences I guess. I’m not sure if it’s client side or what but yeah that’s what I’ve dealt with :frowning:

I should have mentioned im on xbonr