Players who Drop: Bad Sportsmanship Solutions?

I’ve been playing on PS4 since the open beta and I’ve been noticing that, for me, the rate of players who drop has risen substantially. Whereas in the beta it was only a few Incursion matches, after full release at least 85% of my games have been decided by players either dropping out or petulantly sitting in the spawn because no one is respecting their surrender attempts. It’s a good thing that story mode counts as ‘matches’ otherwise I would have never unlocked Toby.

I’ve been told by my experienced MOBA friends that this is an issue with MOBAs in general, but as a player I feel powerless against it. It’s not like I should report them for this activity, but I just wish I had a way to block them from ever being matched against me.

I know that this is a problem without a clear solution, but I was curious what disincentives were put in place to dissuade players from unsportsmanlike activity like this. I understand adding any such check to matchmaking would be a pain. Hell, I waited for 10 minutes yesterday to get matched up, but with wait times like that I’d like to the chance to at least have a chance of playing for longer than it took to join the game.

Half the tie its due to network issues. I know the only time i have ever dropped from a match was because it says i lost my connection to xbox live even though i hadnt. Funny how it only happens with BB too.

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I would think people with network issues would try to reconnect. I’ve witnessed that a few times, but they account for less than 5% of my matches.

Thats true but then if its anything like what is happening to me right now it fails to let you rejoin or find any other games.

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I can’t imagine that that is happening this often. It would appear in the forums more.

Does anyone know the specific consequences for quitting a match?

Play a PVP match that I don’t necessarily want to play, or drop because there’s no Ambra to kill…

And I bet my reasoning is shared by a very large number of people.

You, sir, are why games aren’t fun.

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This type of thought is what ruins games. Just because you cant find one character for some challenge, you are going to throw the game for 9 other people.

Also, if you dont want to play PVP, why are you in queue for PVP?

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My favorite is killing someone so they rage quit (this can be seen by their name = ‘has disconnected’) after they leave the match and likely try to start up another or story mode realize they are locked to the match they just left lol, LOVE IT!

I report all players that quit early and don’t rejoin the match, players that stand in the base after their surrender vote was vetoed, and players that vote to surrender after your sentry has taken a little damage only a few minutes in. Even if they left because of internet issues I believe they still deserve to be reported. I report them as quitting early on Xbox live.

Hopefully after playing for a while the matchmaking system will start grouping higher level players that are less likely to quit.

The quitting is a serious issue in this game. Not just in pvp but pve also. I trust gearbox is taking steps to make this better.

I wish it were that easy on PS4. The reason I feel so powerless against this situation is that I spent so long on XBL with the option to report players for things like this.

I believe there was a good point made that lore challenges that require specific characters one one team or the other might incentivize players who are focusing on completion. It’s a selfish and disrespectful reason, but there is logic in it. Seems like if he had a friend, he could complete those objectives without completely ruining the game.

to answer this. because some character’s lore can only be done in pvp and only in public pvp at that.

Now allow me to say. I enjoy pvp and pve, but i do understand @dbobenham feelings and it occurs alot right now since people are trying to focus on lore completion for the character legendaries/mastery and if they don’t see what they need. just move on to the next match to see if you can work on it. But if gearbox would make it able to be completed in private pvp matches. It would cut down on these types of quitters by them simply not having to go into a public pvp match for it. but at the same time i understand why they don’t want to do that. but lets face it. It’s killing quite a lot of matches for people who are stuck 4v5 cause of it.
and finding a fair way to deal with people who quit matches is hard since people had to pay for the game. but it’s been mentioned a few times in the forums and it’s probably gonna be the best way to handle it right now. which would be for them to put quitters in kind of a separate que (pretty much. quitters get stuck playing with/against quitters. until their mmr shows them not leaving/afking for the match) and they could even do this for those who sit in the safe area when their surrender vote gets denied by having the game read how long someone was in it for and once it hits a certain threshold for the match (probably a few minutes total at least. or have it read consecutive time spent without leaving) and toss them in with the quitters.

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Be more constructive with your feedback. You telling me I am ruining games is fine, but it offers nothing to the topic.

I also believed it was obvious why I PVPd. To kill Ambra. Outside of that I rarely do it. Later I may PVP to get 20 a volley kills while in the air.

As far as feedback is concerned, a better queue process would help. I PVE often and see somebody leave because the stage they wanted wasnt picked. This changes the enemies to be scaled for 5 people despite only having four or less. The game never backfills or scales down.

Things to fix the system:
Able to queue for specific stages.
Able to queue for games in session.
Able to choose your character for PVP so you dont need to worry about somebody else choosing it.
Specific challenged giving alternative means of completion.
Able to drop into an Ambra match to KILL HER!

Private matches, yes!

I wasn’t aware those lore challenges couldn’t be completed in private matches. I wouldn’t expect Gearbox to guard the lore so well for all a fully unlocked character gets the player, but I’ve never really been a completionist.

I’m skeptical about whether they could have any effect on people who sit in spawn because their surrender vote wasn’t honored. As soon as that player assumes sitting in spawn will effect their MMR, they’ll just find another spot or go run in a circle or right into enemy lines or otherwise mess with the team. I don’t think their can ever be a real automated defense against petulance.

Putting the quitters in their own queue sounds interesting. Similar to how GTA Online will put all the psychos in the same world while docile people can do their thing without fear of being railroaded. With how matchmaking is currently going, I don’t know if they’ll want to tie another hurdle into the mix.

Considering the topic is about players who drop out of a match and the bad sportsmanship that shows, I’d disagree.

By dipping out midmatch, you completely invalidate the game that 9 other people have sat in a queue for upwards of 15 minutes. By playing the way you are, you make the game not fun.

yea. I think if they let the lore be done in private pvp matches. it would seriously cut down the amount of quitters in pvp by a considerable amount. there would still be some, but this would be a step in the right direction i think.

Yea. trying to deal with afker’s or people who rubberband or just focus on trying make your team lose by helping the enemy is one of the hardest things to do outside of putting an in-game reporting method in, but that would bring the issue of people who would abuse that system cause they are mad.

I know the matchmaking has been painful for some area’s (I’ve never had a que take longer then 2-3 minutes personally) but i know i’d hate to play a game with or against a team if someone had to wait 5+ minutes just to get a match only to have teammates quit on them without having something in place to punish the quitters and this would provide a fair penalty without slapping them with something as big as a ban.

Midmatch? I leave at the start.

These are not ranked games.

Players are free to come and go as they please.
Is it ■■■■■■, sure but there’s nothing to be done about it until ranked rolls out.

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Should that particularly matter? I agree that a lot of this would drop off if ranked matches were present, but why shouldn’t there be a penalty for leaving in general? I don’t think that a player should have to make a choice between playing a hardcore match (and all the consequences of playing with people who are super serious) or playing an endless stream of unequal matches. Whether a player leaves in a temper tantrum or dips out right after the start as our rude friend does, their direct action ruins the game for the other 9 people.