Players who think Whiskey doesn't need a buff

I am in full effect of feeling whiskey needs a buff, but there’s a few on here that feel he doesn’t and have voiced their opinion strongly of it. So for those players I would like to propose a challenge.

I wanna challenge all pro current Whiskey players on PSN to a damage/ko/assist/minion clear/turret challenge.

If you can consistently out damage/KO/assist/minion clea/turrets destroyed me within at least 15 minutes of the match, not by surrender of the opponent, with any of my characters I’ll gladly stop talking about Whiskey needing a buff and encourage others to stop doing the same. And seeing as I am one of the main ones who’s vocal about him needing a buff I think this will be good. My Info is here:

PSN: Tha_Shogun
Characters (Main) - Boldur, Thorn, Phoeboe
Characters (Alternate) - Deande, Rath, El Dragon
Time window: 6/7/16 - 6/8/16
Game modes: Incursion, Meltdown

As it stands I feel whiskey is the worse character in the game regardless if a player can reach max damage or KO’s out the whole team; as I feel if you did that with Whiskey you could’ve done it better with someone else. This will give pro-whiskey “He’s fine how he is you just gotta know how to use him” players a chance to put your money where your mouth is and show me what a real Whiskey player can do. Cause honestly right now, I’m pretty confident that I will out damage you and out KO you with any other character. Not because you are a bad player, cause you are playing a bad character.

Here are the results of WF players so far (6/7/16):

Tha Shogun: 5
Whiskey Foxtrot: 0

If you are interested, message me on here or message me on PSN and i’ll update how it goes on this thread. There are a million other threads of players defending whiskey, so please don’t make this thread into one of those.

So come on folks! Step up to my challenge and prove me wrong. If you can that is.


whiskey is garbage and he isnt the only character thats garbage… alot of the characters in the game feel pretty useless and I feel that is a big part of the game falling apart

@dargonis I know you’re good with a few different characters but you do better with WF than with OM, I thought of you as soon as I saw this post since he’s one of your favourites :slight_smile:

I would take you up on this, but I’ve been busy and well… I’m on PC :3

I’m not sure how to fix him other than rework.
I don’t feel like he’s underpowered, he just feels bad play with. Everything from animation times to the wonky scrap cannon and everything in between he’s just not fun to use.


I feel his pulse rifle should be auto fire, his grenades need a detonate on impact, and his scrap cannon feels like spitting cotton balls. The only time I feel “powerful” as WF is using his “ultimate” which just turns him into Oscar Mike

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The real problem with your challenge is asking them to out damage you if you pick thorn she can do more damage than any body in the game due to her blight taking out minions…hes actually not a bad character when played correctly you can’t play him like you do OM it wont work you have to play a bit more defensively with WF

I didn’t think of this but you’re right, aside from Boldur the suggested characters for this challenge are among the highrst damaging in the game, and damage dealt isn’t necessarily an indication of a character’s usefulness.

Whiskey is fine, he’s pretty much an assassin OM. Sticky nade slow+napalm, scrap cannon damage amp, then go ham with some rifle crits. Easy.

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So you are saying Thorn is a better character than Whiskey? Also I said Kills/assists/damage, don’t try and twist the challenge please

damage/kills/assists/consistancy. Seriously how did you oly get damage out of that?

You have PSN?

These are not important stats. Minion kills, objectives (Escorts on Meltdown, captures on capture), buildables built/destroyed, these are more important than damage/kills/assists. Not all characters are designed to kill enemy Battleborn and deal high damage, this is an inefficient way to test the effectiveness of Battleborn.

Though I do find it curious that you’re offering a Whiskey v Boldur, as their roles are so diverse and different.

Why don’t you just go by score that would make more sense…and WF is fine late game not great before hand. Thorn is one of my top 2 or 3 favorite characters in the game so I’m much better with her but I’ve seen people do a crazy amount of damage with WF


Ok soo I just got done playing a game with WF and your right and your wrong all at the same time lol early game he might be the weakest character in the game n might need something to help him survive until late game…the problem is so many games dont get played the full time for him to be the beast that he is late game

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I’ll add all of that. And yes, I’m adding Boldur into the mix also. :slight_smile:

What time can you play. I usually play early in the morning at 1am eastern when i get off.

Im playing now but midnight is fine too just message me

The thing is my brother no character in this game should be viable until later in the game. I admit he does get tons better once he reaches level 7, but the determining factor of the game is usually around level 6 and rarely swintches focus if your team plays a solid game.

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