Players with infinite shields on Incursion

So there was a pheobe on the other team and towards the end of the game me and my team would damage her but her shield instantaneously kept regenerating, she was basically invincible. No matter what we were throwing at her her shield would no go down, even a Marquis ultimate couldn’t even bring her shield down by 1 milometer so none of her health would go down. They didn’t have any type of healer either.
Has this happened to anyone else?
I want to know if it’s a bug or if that person was hacking.
This happened on Xbox One

someone posted a video awhile ago it was a pretty good legendary or something i thought. i think the more turrets with shields or something the faster recharge time your shield is. I forget the condition i do remember seeing the post somewhere though. hopefully someone else can confirm :mask:

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I checked the gear they were wearing and having 30 shield regen per/sec, 20% shield strength after buying a tier3 buildable ( this was her only legendary ) and shard regen, they had all the turrets at one point so she couldn’t have kept doing that.
I have a similar tank build and it does not recharge my shield instantaneously. Shields take time to regen but her’s was going up instantly. I highly doubt gear could make a shield that ridiculous but I don’t know…

hi i found it here look at this _
“I use a loadout with Sentinel Reset Switch -17.75% buildable cost, +1.18 Bounus Shards per second, “Your shielded Teir 3 buildables gain +35.48 Shield Recharge per Second.” For some odd reason I upgrade 6+ Turrets to teir 3 and i have almost infinite shield”_

this was taken from the orginal thread i dont know how to post links. this was the gear the man was using. and thats the video. is this what happend to you?

I thought the same thing but the gear she had on should not make shields that ridiculous

Wow, that’s very similar to the build that Pheobe had, thank you for showing me this. Gave me a clear answer. I appreciate it.

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