Players with microphones

Players with microphones, guide the team to a win and stop whining. We all want to win, but your whining does not help. This is not a tournament, so stop whining.We do not want to hear our teammate whining about everything.Once the balance issue is corrected maybe it will improve. Thank you for your patience and have fun.

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Its even worse when they say the other players suck…even though they have one of the lowest scores/least minions killed etc.

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Had to turn my voice sound off because we couldnt listen to being told we suck when we’re trying our best -_-'
Tell me to go B and ill go B. Start on about how much i suck and boom no more voice

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Some times you get caught up in playing you do not have time to mute. But , I do when I cans.

Heh, kinda reminds me one of my earliest games when the team was insulting me and my Marquis for being useless af ( despite being the one who did the most damage and had one of the most kill scores of the team ) while praising the OPPOSING Marquis and his incredible accuracy.

Too bad he was blatantly using of a aimbot, heh ?

An even worse: player 2 picked a Reyna. Player 3 started complaining how all Raynas that evening had sucked and that Player 2 better be good. Several more comments questioning the skill of Player 2 were made and all that BEFORE the match had even begun!

As someone with a mic(I don’t know why anyone would play without one), I do my best to try and guide the team. When people listen, magic happens. When they don’t…well…getting crushed because a team refuses to build anything or capture camps is just downright annoying.

More importantly if you have a mic don’t be afraid to use it. If i have been talking all game and then suddenly hear everyone cheer after we win but not say a peep during the match ima be salty :L

Mic hardly helps me sadly. While I think I may write and read english okay, I’m not a native speaker, and have the utmost difficulties understanding spoken english or speaking it myself. Especially with potential accents and bad mics… So yeah, I have a mic but I probably will never use it and can’t always decrypt what people are saying either.