Playing amara for first time any one have a good build

i looking for a good starter build for amara easy to follow to many videos online all are confusing .

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Do side mission at Ellie’s garage and go for melee with that bonus gun.

do you have a link to good melee build …

I’m an average Amara player at best but I’ll try to give some general advice. She’s kind of weak early on and ramps up by mid to late game areas in normal mode. Her Brawl tree has most of her early survivability options. You won’t hit as hard but you’ll be able to take a lot more punishment. Her Fist of the Elements tree has crowd control and damage options but you’ll be kind of fragile starting out with it.

A lot of your damage will come from the Anima and Tempest talents from the Fist of the Elements tree (Tempest is a high priority because she’s all about elemental damage) so I started out there and switched over to the Brawl tree afterward. This will also give you access all three of her elements, Soulfire being pretty potent at the start of the game with so many health bar enemies. - My very basic build looked something like this at level 20. You can keep going down the green tree to focus on more survivability (Helping Hands is good to max in most situaitons) and melee playstyle (be sure to get Illuminated Fist from the FoTE tree if you do!) and more survivability or keep going down the red one for CC and fun AOE damage options like Fist Over Matter (I recommend skipping Catharsis and Conflux entirely).



Have fun!


Just play how you want to play.

If that is obsessively looking at other players build, do it.
If that is seeking a unique experience where you do what you want, do it.

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I started Amara after taking my FL4K to level 50. I think I have Amara to level 12 right now. I’m going to use your build to start off, so thanks for the tips. I just can’t imagine how Amara becomes so powerful, like everyone is saying, and calling for nerf’s. People must be exploiting the game somehow. I had no issue with FL4K through any of the content so far and I certainly didn’t feel like I was invincible.

It would be interesting to see how you continue to build out your Amara. It does make sense to also include some of the clarity skill for regeneration, which I hadn’t even noticed until you mentioned it, so thanks again!!!

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The two skills I consider essential to any Amara build are Tempest and Personal Space. A ton of hurt.

It’s mostly a late game thing with anointments and legendary class mods that Amara can exploit very well. BL3 also has an exploitable glitch with ricocheting weapons that Amara is best with because she’s got two skills that each make it… “worse” (cough).


Just play with the Phaseslam/Brawler tree, most of your good melee skills are there. Phaseslam itself isn’t overly impressive but it’s a solid tree. A Facepuncher shotgun will make your day!

just don’t do a fakegrasp amara build, have some self respect.

I run fist of the elements and brawler. a lot of the perks in fist of the elements are just awesome for melting enemies.

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There are no morals in video games.

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Hahaha, got it, understand, and thanks!

This is my Amara build. It makes her tough and works well with slam cast or grasp. As long as you’re doing elemental damage you’re staying alive thanks to sustainment and points in the brawl tree. If you’re using slam or cast pair with the golden rule so you can use them more often and trigger those powerful anointments. Hope that helps. Melee build is similar just point in illuminated fist(fist of elements) and point in find your center(brawl) with a good breaker mod. Pair with the facepuncher and a good white elephant relic and it’s a lot of fun.(two points in helping hands and 3 in mindfulness from mod).