Playing Ambra and refusing to die to Alani

Anyone else play Ambra and find themselves doing everything in their power to never let an Alani get a kill on you?

I know the Alani is most likely desperate to get kills on my Ambra to complete the Lore and that makes me try harder to not die to them. I don’t know why lol.


I do the same with Galilea players. It easily distracts them from the objective.

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I do the opposite. I’ll either ask them if they want some kills or I’ll just walk up to them and freeze in front of them and let them get the kill.


I know the intent is fair and the Lore Challenges truly do suck. But feeding isn’t the answer :confused:


I mostly just do it because I’m either bored or I’m feeling frustrated with the challenge myself. I realize it isn’t how it was intended to be done, but helping people with a difficult request (especially when barely anyone plays the character BECAUSE of the challenge) is enjoyable in my opinion. I hate seeing people try to hunt me down while I retreat only to get slaughtered by my team or our defenses. It makes me sad.


I actually plan to enter my first PvPs as Ambra (CR37 now, PvE pure) so Gals & Alanis can have some fun. I hate these “Lore Challange X sucks!” topics, I rather let myself get killed so others have a progress.

Besides, if done right you can use “Ambra-baiting” to pull Gal and Alani away fro their objectives and maybe even crush the rival tactics. Of course I´d try to kill them first, but I´d not try soooo hard :wink:


Holy crap! I didn’t realize Galilea had the same challenge! Why does everyone want to kill Ambra :frowning:

Ambra doesn’t seem to be a people person. her dialogue when killing Galilea and alani is awesome though.

“You betrayed me first” when killing Galilea.

Whenever I play Ambra, I do indeed try my best to not get killed by the water monk. If they can’t kill me, well, maybe they don’t deserve to be playing Alani int he first place :smiley:

The other thing making getting Ambra are the people that are salty about not getting to pick Alani trying to KS every Ambra.

Haha I never thought about that. I haven’t seen Alani get picked as much lately though.

Those kinds of “Kill X type players or play with X type” Lore Challenges are just design dating back to 2005 and the start of Multiplayer achievements on Xbox Live.

It’s the kind of mistake Devs who are very green to Online Multiplayer make. And GearBox defiantly showing how green they are with this game. This should put a nail the coffin on any ideas about a MMO style Borderlands.

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They said they’re gonna work on it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get rid of it soon
Also, while talking about those challenges, I have to brag… I GOT ALANI’S! In TWO MATCHES! And yet, in all my time using Gali, I never got hers.
And no, I didn’t have someone freeze up on me, both were tough matches with them having the Alani Ambra tag team. I was just better :stuck_out_tongue:

Sneaky… I like it! :wink:

it can crush a team heavily. Getting that one character to lose focus of the objective cripples the entire team

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