Playing as a BAR buffed Banshee build?

So generally what I’m getting at in the title is I play as a BAR buffed Breakneck Banshee build and seem to get labeled as a modder or hacker, although I do nothing of the sort. I have posted the same dilemma on FB and Reddit but would like the forums opinion on the subject. As soon as I hop into a PUBLIC matchmaking lobby and kill an enemy or even before we leave sanctuary, I get kicked.

First: I don’t accept missions unless previously discussed with the host.
Second: I don’t pick up mission items unless told to do so.
Third: I stay around the host as to keep them healthy and out of FFYL.
Fourth: I don’t loot ninja any high level gear, pearls, legendary, seraphs, without first allowing the host or rest of the team getting a glance at it first.

All of this is just a little disheartening when I have given no reason as to why I was being kicked. I understand that people in general don’t want the more rare items looted before they get a chance to look over what is dropped, like the treasure room for example, and kick everyone as to keep the loot to themselves. I get it, it’s not an ideal playstyle, but I get it.

Just wondering why people think the banshee build is a modded system and that anyone who uses the build is unwelcome.


Welcome to the “joy” of joining random games I guess. Never heard about “frowned upon” builds. I almost never go “public” thou. But I did spent a lot of time on here. Best community ever! From what I know playing with BAR on or using any builds you like is fine. People are dumb and that’s about it. I wouldn’t mind having a good Siren joining if I’d open my game that’s for sure!

I suggest you tell us which platform you’re on. You might find nice coop buddies on here.

-edit- Did little digging and saw you’re on PS4. We have a community you can join here.


Firstly you obviously have a completely legit character. BAR is built into the game and really doesn’t have a dramatic effect on your output (unless you’re one of these freaks with 10,000 hours into the game and have +50% across the board). So that’s a complete non-issue - and not something that co-op partners talk about unless they’re doing time trials.

Secondly, good for you for good etiquette.

Thirdly, anyone who can’t equate your increased movement speed with the COM that you so clearly are wearing is a questionable player to begin with.

Lastly, the reason you’re getting booted from public games after a kill is because of bad host etiquette.

I agree with the good Dr : post yourself in the PS4 section - there are tons of great people here to play with.


I’m in the PS4 community. I was one of the first 50 or so to join. Thanks for that info though. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Banshee build has been established for many years, and it’s surprising that people accuse you of various things. Just tell them to visit this forum! Everything they want to know is right here.


Before replying I did a (very) quick search. Saw on YT some guys (could be gals) posting Redneck Banshee builds but also using modded gears. Maybe there’s a link between that and our OP issue? idk. Never heard about anything like that before. (Dumping players based on their COM.)


reading your post brought something that was so obvious I missed it completely.

“Dumping players based on their COM” is what brought this to mind. Thanks @Dr_Do-Little :acmaffirmative:

Think of it like this: The host (and this type of host would be the bad etiquette kind). the host see’s that player join as a Breakneck Banshee. They are probably thinking you can get to the loot quicker than they can. so, to avoid Ninja-looting you get kicked. They are afraid of you ninja-looting is what I gather.


Two (or more) brains are better than one. 1st I couldn’t figure how someone could think they’ll be dumped based on their build. Then I remembered this little feature. Didn’t dug enough to understand why thou.
You provided the answer.
So my “educated” guess is there is some players who do use the build to ninja loot… Sad.

-edit- Shouldn’t had required much digging thou. Should had remembered the Banshee boosted Fleet. I just leveled my Siren. And I saw the builds were using the RoughRider.
Just a matter of connecting the dots.


I know @nat_zero_six has had this happen to him often (getting booted out post-kill so he can’t get any loot). It seems to be a thing that happens.


You are the one who post in FB page and in Reddit? You got lot’s of negative feedback in those post.

I also got booted a lot of times especially after a kill. So that the host can get all the drops for himself.

Public games are toxic but I love it.


I’ve heard of people getting kicked for using completely legitimate gear that the host just didn’t recognize (then made the assumption “hax” and then kicked). Don’t take it personally… public games appear to be rife with that sort of behavior. If you use crappy gear but still get good kills because you’re adept at the game? Nobody is that good… hax I say! :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, I know I got tons of flakk in those two social platforms. It’s whatever though. I didn’t take it too seriously.


These noobs!!! Lol.

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those are the same people in public games. :sweat_smile:


I dunno. If that was a common problem I’d probably always start my session with something along the lines of “yes, I’m wearing a Breakneck Banshee. Yes, it makes me move fast. Yes, it’s completely legit.”.