Playing As Orendi

Orendi is a fast-paced, high adrenaline character that can deal a lot of damage very quickly and even pressure lanes with long periods of violent fire storms. You can take advantage of her burst medium-ranged ultimate attack to finish off opponents; just don’t let them get too far.

Use a Skill Damage Item combined with a Cooldown Item to really bring her to pushing the limits of how many Shadowfire Pillars you can pop on your enemies and combined with an almost critical “Oh That Reminds Me” Nullify to escape danger, begin regenerating your shield, and mark 8 seconds off of your next Shadowfire Pillar.



  • 1: Fire Walk With Me (Stealth doesn’t seem to play a significant role, stealthed enemies have a tell.)

  • 2: Your Preference

  • 2a: I Hate Your Pretty Eyes (Having this utility can be extremely useful in most situations.)
  • 2b: Dismissed! (If you are not good with pressure and sometimes need breathing room, can be used to push enemies for an ambush.)
  • 3: Oh That Reminds Me (Should be on all builds, get use to hitting 180s then popping Nullify. Tracking is not very good. Secondary attack seems to have lower DPS than primary attack.

  • 4: Encore (This is a must for any build. This has the most potential damage at 150% and has utility in a 5 second window to attack again.)

  • 5: Prognosticombo (Must. Using Shadowfire Pillar reduces Nullify by -5 seconds, reducing the time on your Shadowfire Pillars ultimately.)

  • 6: Shadowfury

  • 7: Your Preference

  • 7a: Force Of Will (Possibly the best option if dealing more damage is your goal. Both choices are great options.)
  • 7b: Essence Theft (Useful in both PVP and Algorithm PVE)
  • 8: Rapid Deterioration (Must. Reduced Shadowfire Pillar cooldowns ultimately and more shield.)

  • 9: Your Preference

  • 9a: Shadowfire Storm (Great Option. More Shadowfire Pillars: more chaos and destruction.)
  • 9b Chaotic Reach (Sniper Orendi. Combo with Pillarstorm.)
  • 9c Still Hating Your Shields (The cream of Shadowfire Pillar. Deal 60% of 150% of Shadowfire Pillars damage directly to the health of an opponent; assuming you taken Encore and hit both. This could mean the difference between a kill and a target getting away with 1 hp regenerating shield.)
  • 10: Your Preference
  • 10a: Thought Rejection (This has utility in ambush possibility on someone who may have pushed in two far but this late in the game I wouldn’t worry about this. Reign Of Chaos.)
  • 10b: Pillarstorm (I haven’t seen this really do much. It seems good written. Did I mention Reign Of Chaos?)
  • 10c: Reign Of Chaos (This. Use it. Appreciate the chaos. Love the chaos.)

Orendi Friendly Gear

Skill Damage:

  • Variable Morpher (Disabled)

  • Aristocrat's Cognitive Predictor % Skill Damage % Skill Damage for 5 seconds after taking shield damage


  • Gambler's "Greyhound" % Cooldown Time % Cooldown Time while all skills are on cooldown


  • Restarting Bourgeois Bypasser % Shield Penetration -0.5 Second Shield Recharge Delay

  • Physician's Phasic Disruptor % Shield Penetration % Shield Penetration while health is full

Maximum Shield Strength:

  • Amplifying Internal Capacitor +n Maximum Shield Strength % Skill Damage

Minor stats:

  • Shield Regeneration
  • Attack Damage
  • -% CC Duration

Damage Orendi

Gear: Skill Damage and Shield Penetration


-Fire Walk With Me
-Oh That Reminds Me
-Force Of Will
-Rapid Deterioration
-Still Hating Your Shields

How to play as Orendi:

Stay behind minions and gather shards, stay alive until you get “Oh That Reminds Me” which will allow you to jump away and regenerate your shield.

Always know where your supply station is and use it to heal with half health or lower.

Cast Fire Pillar rapidly or create shapes or target multiple enemies. Stacking Fire Pillars will cause the most damage.

In Story Mode: Cooldown Reduction Pick-ups will allow you to cast Shadowfire Pillars -> Nullify -> Shadowfire Pillars -> Nullify -> Shadowfire Pillars -> Nullify -> ect until the cooldown reduction wears off.

Cooldown Orendi

Gear : Cooldown + Skill Damage

-Burned And Busted
-Oh That Reminds Me
-Essence Theft
-Rapid Deterioration
-Shadowfire Storm
-Reign Of Chaos

Fire, Fire, Bounce, Fire, Fire, Bounce, 3, 2, 1, AIM!, Fire, Fire, Bounce, Fire, Fire, Bounce

Links to Builds:


[Orendi build] Ashes Screaming Silence (WIP)

Orendi Build: “The Framerate Killer”

Orendi - Minion Killer

You are going to love some of her mutations. She has one for level 10 that puts a shadowfire pillar under each Battleborn in casting range when she ults.

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No way! Really? OH THAT’S SO COOL. This guide is kinda helpful, wanted some build tips for her.

Played your preferred build on the story missions today. Holy crap, she can wreck shop when you play her right.