Playing borderlands again

I started playing the original borderlands without paying to much attention to it, I just played as any other game, had fun, killed final boss, and passed to another game.
Then I started bl2 and became aware of weapon rarity and all the things that make borderlands what it is. I became really a huge fan of the game and played the ■■■■ out of it, then tps.
Now I have taken my original borderlands out of the dust and started a new character (as I have only played as brick, and never bottered to even try other clasess, {I’ve tried them all in bl2 and tps}), even realized that I had in my inventory a few orange weapons that I didn’t know what they where when I first played it. But now I know borderlands and want to find the best gear, but I don’t know how or where to get legendary items in this game.
Do they drop from specific sources as in bl2 and tps?
Which are the best of them (as for example the dpuh in bl2)??
I want to enjoy this game as much as I did with bl2 and tps, I feel that I just didn’t make justice playing it the first time.
Thanks in advance for any reply

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Hellfire! That SMG is a BEAST! in the original. So much so, that all the Hellfires since, have paled in comparison.

Fatal Crux is a great S&S Shotty with Explosive damage. One of my fav shotties in all of Borderlands universe.

Probably the best Pearl weapon in the original would be the Nemisis pistol. That just wrecks face.

Best AR in the original imo would be Ajax Ogre. Farm Ajax in the Crimson Army DLC and he can drop the legendary hybrid Ajax Ogre. those are enough to destroy the game.

Besides the favs I’ve listed, there are a lot more great choices. I just mentioned my favorites. The Tsunami should have been much more imo. the Nemisis is much better than the Tsunami. :wink:

:smiley: This was actually one of the 2 oranges I had in my backpack. Now I realize why this was my main weapon for most of my 1st playtrough. It’s still working great, even in comparison with my same level (39) shotguns, it being level 19. I don’t even know where did it came from.

I’m having one issue. I started playtrough 2 at level 36, now as I said I’m level 39. I hate being over leveled, as I feel it takes the challenge away, but I’m not sure on how should I deal with level in this original borderlands. I’m so used to uvhm in bl2/tps that I don’t know how to manage this game.
I have all the dlc’s now (which I haven’t played before) and I want this to be a cool but challenging experience.
What would you recommend me??
Is there an option to reset playtrough after I reach the level cap?? I don’t see in the missions if they are side missions or story line missions, so I’m not sure if it works in similar way to bl2/tps and should I keep/do certain quest.
This game is a little different to what I’m used to now. It’s like if I have never played the original bl before and I’m starting now after played bl2/tps. It’s pretty cool as now I’m playing in a totally different way and this time I want to take the best out of it.
Thank every one for your ideas. I now I’m late to this game, but as I said, for me it’s feeling like a brand new one.

Pd/ I’m sorry for those big letters but even when I tried to edit it, is putting the text in that way. It was not on purpose.

Pd2/ How/Where can I find the hellfire???

Pd3/ Are all drops totally random or is there something specific that I can/should farm???

vending machines should always be checked. i found my best Hellfire from marcus vending machine. open all chests. and random drops happen more in BL1 then any of them. :wink:
so be sure to kill everything. i would farm Ajax. he is an easy kill.

you can look up things on youtube and find tutorials and walk throughs if need be as well. :innocent: what i mean is its been a while since i played BL1 and cant remember who drops what. that is why i recommend a quick youtube search.

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Yeah, there isn’t a designated “find X legendery from Y boss” in BL1. That said, ALL loot sources are worth checking. Chests, vendors, garbage cans, skag piles, humans, skag piles, skags, rakk, skag piles…

Everything has a chance for a legendary.

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What i like to do on the second playthrough is just go through the main story. Cause then all the enemies scale with you after you beat the destroyer, and turn in the last quest. Then i go back and do the sidequests and farm chests for legendarys as i make my way to the level cap.

Likewise, on Mac and big player and fan of BDL2 and TPS :blush:
Never played BDL1 but ready now and waiting for the game to be on sale.

Did you buy it from App Store?
Are you able to use the multi player?

What are your impressions compared to 2 and TPS? Worth it?

I got a volcano from skag poop😆.
Thanks everyone. Now I will keep on my playtrough without worrying to much about drops. I already do the things you mentioned, like vendors and stuff (and now every piece of s*hit😃). Im still trying to not over level to much, but even being a couple levels above I’m getting my ass whiped every once in a while, so probably is ok for now. Will get better when i start my other characters.

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If you’re looking for help on staying on-level, this should help!

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Thanks. I’m actually using it and manage to finally at level 46 to catch up with it. As I finished the 1st playtrough (a long time ago) a bit over leveled at 37, and here is where I started this time.