Playing borderlands without PS plus

ok I just wanted to be 100 percent sure about this I mainly play borderlands single player and my PS plus is about to finish if I don’t renew it I should be able to play fine correct I know this is like my second forum post on this topic but I just want to make sure because I don’t really see a use to PS plus since I don’t play online but I just wanna make sure that everything well be the same for me when it comes to borderlands since I only play single player

You absolutely can. Even more, you don’t need PS+ to play local split-screen coop(you’d need a second PSN account, though).

that’s good to hear what about shift codes I can still use those even if I don’t have PS plus right

Yes, you can(I think it’s a late reply, but anyway).

I don’t really think you can do shift codes, maybe I experienced something else when trying it on tps. But yes I play offline sometimes as well. Only downfall is the drop rate boost won’t take effect since it’s only considered a hot fix for now until an update is available for Perm drop rate