Playing coop breaks the game in solo - can't progress

My son started playing coop with me (splitscreen) when I was further ahead in the story on Athenas. He was on Promethea at the time but now he has gone back to his solo game it has no missions for him apart from the one he was playing with me on Athena which he obviously can’t do.

Essentially it’s broken his solo game as he can no longer progress. I see the suggested fix for this is to join in with another campaign to skip ahead but that’s not really a fix is it because he’ll always have to play coop with me and miss loads of story.

If I play on his game with mine being further ahead in the story I notice that I have to revisit all the planets manually from the drop ship and all fast travel locations need to be found again… An annoyance but not a game breaker like the other issue.

When will this sorted, because I’ll be honest, despite enjoying the game and being a massive borderlands fan, this has kind of ruined it for me and my son.

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