Playing cross-platform/store (Mac and Windows)

Hi, I’m trying to play the game on Mac (via Epic Games Store) with my friend who’s playing on Steam (via Windows.) From what I read, I thought this was possible, but when we try to join each other it says there’s a version number mismatch and to try updating the game.

I saw in the patch notes from July 23 that the Mac version was planned for July 30, which is yesterday as of the time of this post, but we’re still getting the error. Did this update not come out to the platform yet? Or is this just not possible to do at all and we should stop trying? Thanks!

There are going to be hotfixes every Thursday during the anniversary event, and if Mac is already 1 week behind on updates you two may be out of sync for the duration, which is through early September.

Okay, thanks for the info! I’ll just reinstall the game later on when we can play together I suppose.

September??? You are kidding! My friend and me own that game just for three weeks now, and we still are not synchronized!