Playing Dirty: how does it work?

So I assume being over 100% does nothing so that would be a waste (I’m currently at 120% thanks to a MOD). From what I have read it seems that this skill is only good for launchers, snipers etc…because the extra projectile you gain on shotguns and SMGs is not worth the points spent? Is this accurate or is there more to it?

At first I thought this skill was a no-brainer but after more thinking and reading it’s seeming less clear.

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afaik skill description is worded wrongly, the chance is not the extra projectiles but the chance playing dirty will proc, once it procs all 5 shots is guaranteed to have extra projectiles.

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Let’s see if I can word that correctly.

On kill you have a chance to proc playing dirty, which will give you one additional listed projectile for 5 shots.

It gets less effective with more weapon card projectiles. Double damage with no additional projectiles, 50% more at x2, 33% at x3,… aso

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Yup that’s about right as I understand it - it’s one of the most poorly worded skill descriptions in the game and that’s no mean feat.

Also gets more effective with unlisted projectiles as they all spawn again - I.e great with bekah, Harold, queens/kings call and I’d imagine the mongol etc.

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As was mentioned in this thread, it’s very effective on single-bullet weapons, since it just adds 1 extra projectile.

On a shotgun with 10 pellets, you’d then have 11. This is a small damage increase.
On an SMG that just fires a single shot, you’d go from 1 to 2. This is a 100% damage increase.

Ideally you want to use that skill with guns that fire a single projectile.

Sort of related: this will work on Atlas trackers. For Darts it doesn’t do much (think shotgun; one extra dart in the shot doesn’t let you tag more than one enemy). For grenades, you get two that come out, so at some distance (where the grenades have had time to drift apart a little), you get a little more area. For pucks, you get two that come out that act independently of each other.

For the uninitiated, the pucks will seek out other enemies if there is still time left before they expire when their target is killed (within a certain distance of the kill). With two pucks active and a decent duration, this can effectively double the number of tagged enemies (especially where the population density is high with plenty of opportunities to spread). Even better: you sort of don’t have to pay attention or keep track to take advantage of this because the smart bullets take care of that automatically: just watch the barrel of the weapon for the ‘flare’ that indicates that something is actively tagged.

We could create a list of guns it would work well with. Seventh Sense, Hyperfocus, Plaguebearer, Backburner, Scourge, Soulrender…

I don’t think it’s necessary.
Take Zanes best weapons and exclude all the versions with more than a x2 mod. If you want to be super ammo efficient, use x1 weapons

Anyway, my mvps would be, depending on the build the recursion or redistributor.

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