Playing Dirty + Lasers and flamethrowers

How does this skill work with constant fire weapons like alien barrel/laser rifles and the long musket?

Probably doubles the damage per tick.

When I tested it with the laser sploder it didn’t do anything.

i am not sure but i think it can not effect it since lasers are tick rate based and since i am not sure if i was focusing on lasers i would take violent violence over playing dirty. PD does not increase explosive projectiles of laser sploder and i don think it increases tick rate either

should be fairly easy to test with seein dead and seein red castone


Alright, I just tested a bunch of tick rate style weapons; none of them had any affect with playing dirty. The only ones I didn’t test are blisters and and the long musket cause I dont have them. I doubt they are any different.

Does Playing Dirty work with high fire rate weapons like say Vladof pistols or assault rifles? I remember Zer0’s two fang having a fire-rate cap on it where it wouldn’t work. Think it was somewhere over 11.

playing dirty spawns extra projectile from thin air so it should not have a cap like that

bl2 two fang drew bullets from the magazine.

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I heard one of the alien barrel ar’s chaines to multiple enemies is this true. I know for a fact that one of the brands pentrates the target and can hit multiple enemies so I’m wondering if each brand has a gimmick

Dahl is the chaining one.

Vladof Etech chains, but I dont know much about the others other than the torgue goop launcher.

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Yes Vladof chains. I believe it chains only twice though. I’ve tested a Radiation one with SNTL Cryo anointment and it was pretty underwhelming in M4. The only accaptable Alien barrel weapons for M4 are Lump rocket launchers and Torgue shotguns (Protuberance) and maybe Hyperion shotguns (Host).

The carbuncle is actually a great alien barrel weapon. Bangnaroks can be good for crit builds but that is all they are good for. I hope they buff the etech weapons other than the lumps and protuberence.