Playing Dirty not getting amped by amp shields. BUG

Here is a test we conducted on whether or not Playing Dirty is getting amped or not.
A user in my discord mentioned he didn’t think playing dirty was getting amped by the moonfire. So we decided to test a different gun instead and here’s our results:

Lucky 7 (no modifiers) - 1006
Base shot - 4832
PD - 9663

AMP SHOTS - 0.m shield
NO PD - 10K
PD - 15K

So clearly, only the original pellet is getting the amp.


I kinda figure this out while ago and it is one reason i stopped using the Amp shields. I typically now use Transformer or Re-Routers now on my Zane

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well theoretically the rerouter might not be giving your projectiles the amp either, off to test again I suppose!

Let me know what you find. goin GB to try and test it as well

rerouter is the same, no amp to extra projectiles

Do the things reported on this forum are taken into account by devs?

This makes sense to me, amp shields amp the first shot, and with PD you fire two. I don’t know how it’s coded, but:

  • scenario A: the two shots come out in very quick succession. First shot uses up the amp, working as intended.
  • scenario B: the two shots come out at the same time, like shotgun pellets. Amp is distributed equally among pellets, like with shotguns, working as intended.

I suppose you could argue that PD gives you an unlisted projectile, and those “traditionally” trigger a new amp, but that was never set in stone (and always felt like a glitch to me).

Playing dirty adds a projectile, not a second shot. As in 1 -> 2 but a x14 brainstormer would turn into a x15

So it should amp all of the projectiles from the one shot.

I don’t know and I don’t know where else to report lol

you should open ticket
and says it’s bug report, I did that a couple of times and they added it to the things they need to correct, when they will do it another story but at least that will be on their to do list

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Your singleshot gun becomes x2 pellets. It probably divides the amp between pellets, like it does with shotguns. When you fire your brainstormer, you don’t get x14 amp damage, do you? Same principle.

That sucks