Playing Dirty Question

Ok fellow Zaner’s. I am at work but as usual, BL3 on my mind.

Ok so at 7/5 PD you get 105% chance shot.

Well with DFC and new mod we get 25% and 25% bonus to kill skills.

Technically wouldn’t 5/5 be a 112.5% chance with the bonuses?

I am thinking we can save 2 points with a +2 mod. Can’t test while here but seeing if anyone else has?

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I think maybe the chance displayed is already boosted by the com and DFC? Might have to quit and restart to see it update.

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It’s 105%. So 7 points in playing dirty with no bonuses = 70%

Just look at it like the new class mod secretly puts a second point into death follows close. So you add 50% total to the bonus.

.5 * 70% = 35%

35% + 70% = 105%

So yes the bonus is already added. However I do believe I have noticed it not being added to violent speed, I could be wrong on this I don’t exactly remember the exact numbers I saw in the past I just remember thinking that. But should have accurate skill trees, afaik they’ve been kept up to date. And you can do the math from there.

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I’ve been running my zane so the new mod and DFC make playing dirty a 100% chance but I’ve actually been wondering lately if passing 100% can give us the chance for 2 extra projectiles.


Are base yes its 10% per point you get one 25% bonus from Death Fallows Close and another from the Seein Dead Class Mod. You get an extra 2.5% per point with one benefit and 5% with two because they are additive in nature.

Not all but most Skill that get " increased effect" from another skill or item correctly display the updated benefit on the skill tree when said benefits are applied. My understanding is FL4K has some exceptions with Big Game and Cosmic Stalker but this could just be another bugged Class Mod for all we know. (This would be his 4th I believe)

In summary to get a 100% chance to fire an additional projectile when the skill is up you need to have either one “Kills Skills effect” buff and 8 points in the skill or two “Kill Skills effect” buff and 7 points.

Bl3 is always on my mind at work :blush:

Yeah, gotta exit menu and re-open to see it change. Yesterday morning I just unequipped it and it stayed. Didn’t reload ECHO.