Playing Montana in Incursion? Looking for tips

What the tin says. I have a cheap shard generator (385 or something to activate), a white wrench, and Monty’s legendary, but I’m having trouble getting my K/D ratio to lean more towards kills than deaths. Right now it’s about 1-2 more deaths then kills and I’m looking for tips on how to properly play him in PVP, especially Incursion maps. Thanks in advanced for any useful tips.

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Just wanted to publicly thank @Kaleidodemon for his help on making me a better Monty player in versus. I’m still not quite where I want to be, but now I feel like I can contribute to my team and not be a burden on them and feeder for the other team.


You’r quite welcome. :slight_smile:

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I’m still looking for tips from fellow Monty players though…so hopefully somebody will have some for me. :dukecheese:

Yeah, all I did was give some basics. Nothing special. At least they helped. :thumbsup:

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Hey, we all have to start somewhere and every little bit helps. Now I just need suggestions on gear and the like.

I personally prefer to play Montana pretty defensive.
In the early game most of the time I keep myself in the half behind the shock cannon - killing minions, collecting shards and disrupting the enemy team. Depending on how my teammates are doing, I decide to follow a strategy:

  • My team is able to push back and keep the enemy team in their half of the map: I stay in offensive position, slowing (or even kill) enemys in my zone, forcing them to retreat for healing and play defensive.

  • The enemy team outclasses my team, so I drop back, protecting our sentry, recruiting thralls and building super minions

Because I hate to die, my gear is a combination of health reg/damage reduct/atk dmg. Combined with the damage reduction of Hailstorm (and it’s helix mutation at level 9) and Mansformation Montana is almost invincible. Due to the health regen gear and Cold-Blooded at level 5, I’m almost at full health every time I face an enemy, giving them a bad time trying to kill me.

I hope this was at least a little helpful and sorry if my gramar was a little broken. English isn’t my native language.

Greetings from Germany


First of all, thank you very much for your reply! It was very insightful and very helpful.

I agree. I think my problem was I was trying to play him too aggressively and he’s not really built for that without some serious support.

I’ve been playing Miko that way and it’s working out rather well. I’ve been doing that with Monty, but he’s such a HUGE target. I am experiencing fewer deaths now though…

Do you use his legendary or do you just use regular gear? The next time I get a good healing syringe I’m going to keep it and use it.

I like using his cold based abilities so I take The Cooler at level 4, Cold-blooded at level 5, and Icy Resolve at level 9. I’m still not sure about the choices for levels 6 & 7 though. I use the penetrating mutation in PVE, but I’m not sure if it’s as good as having the extra shield in versus. At level 7 I take the barrel cooling for PVE, but would the extra duration on Hailstorm help more? I don’t know. I also need to start using Mansformation whenever I’m getting hit because I’m so used to using it when surrounded by minions in PVE. Speaking of which, do you use the bullet reflection or the explosive nova in level 10? I’m thinking the former would be better, but I’m not 100% sure.

Your grammar was fine and much better than some native English speakers I’ve had the dubious pleasure of reading on various forums. I tend to skip over posts full of so called 'text speak" because they’re rarely coherent and almost never contribute anything useful to the conversation. That and if the poster doesn’t know how to communicate to their audience, I’m not interested in trying to translate what they’re saying. Case in point: I’m very pleased you communicated with me in English even though it’s not your native language because Google translate doesn’t always work so well…

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Greetings from Germany

Greetings from Oklahoma, USA! Thanks again for the reply. :dukeaffirmative:

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I’m not an experienced Montana player. I tried him some time back but got tired of getting annihilated, especially by snipers. I’ve been trying him again today though and experimenting with gear and such.

I think the huge thing I was doing wrong before was waiting too long to use Mansformation. If you wait until your health is already getting low, it can be a lost cause if focused, even with all the damage resist.

The gear I currently am using is all greens. Ekuuni damage resist w/ regen below 50% health, and then Jennerit regen and health, both with attack damage for 60 seconds after an enemy kill. I don’t have his legendary, but not sure I’d use it if I did (but see below)

Montana’s base damage is massive already. If I were playing on a premade with a dedicated healer, maybe you can talk the offensive stuff, but I’m going all defense (+health, + shield, etc.) , the idea being to outlast opponents.

Re: the level 5 helix choice, this one is tricky. Even with the cooler, it is easy to max out heat in a big team fight. I’m honestly not sure if it is best to go with hot-blooded for those big fights or to have more regen between them. I’ve been using cold-blooded, but thinking about switching for the potential 20 hp/sec (with gear) when I really need it. That might work well in combo with his legendary.

Any thoughts/input appreciated.

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Cold-blooded is good in PVE, but I think Hot-blooded would be better in PVP due to how often you’re shooting. I would stick with The Cooler because the only other option is to go with the fire bullets, and without a good Miko, you’re not going to do very well. I like his legendary, but can’t always get it activated because I’m buying stuff to level up. Still, the extra health, attack speed, and barrel cooling are nice.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of firestorm. He’s got crazy damage already and I’d rather have one of the best slows in the game than a bit more damage.

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I’m constantly getting annihilated when I pick Monty as well, though I desperately want to become decent with him.

It seems like he has some really bad matchups (see anyone with range).

I came up against a team comp of Marquis, OM, Benedict, ISIC and Ghalt and it felt like I couldn’t do anything.

Whenever I showed up in mid the first three just sniped me out of lane in tandem, then if I got any close engage with the other two I’d get hooked (because how can you miss Monty) into trap and went 0-death instantly every time despite my huge health.

It feels like when I’m trying to kill enemy Monty in Mansformation/Hailstorm they just tank infinite damage but when I do it my health bar drops hardcore… am I missing some key to the damage reduction formula?

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I hear you. If anyone has tips on playing against aggressive ranged types, I’d love to hear them.

Montana is one of those characters that other people play and they seem almost invincible, but then I play and I feel like paper, hence the desire to revisit. I definitely think defensive gear and timing of skills has a lot to do with it.


Very true! Especially a good timing and sense for prediction are more than important. You got to know, when huge damage is about to be pressed in your face, so you can activate Mansformation or Hailstorm by the right time.

I need to shoot waaaaaaaaaay more often in PVE than in PVP. Being the “last man” of my team, my minigun almost always is absolutely cooled down. But I think that’s due to very different playstyles of Monty. It’s more important to me to face new enemys with full health, than regenerating more health during the fight.

Well, sadly I guess there are none. Especially the Marquis matchup is just horribly bad. Either your team takes out/disrupt the sniper or you have to keep out of range in defender position nearby your sentry.
For enemys like OM, Ghalt, ISIC etc. the best you can do is a well timed Hailstorm, forcing them to flee or to die. I have to admit I never felt like having a serious problem with one of these matchups.

Right now I’m about to try a new gear loadout: Cheap shard generator (with reload speed downside), purple jenerit injector (+ healt regen, + atk dmg) and his legendary.
Works out pretty well so far! Activating his legendary almost every game to keep up my damage output.

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