Playing now a waste?

Anyone else just not bothering to play anymore till the 10th? It seems like a total waste of time.


There’s no point in really farming ATM, but if you enjoy simply playing the game there is no real reason not to play.

Artifacts and COM’s dropped right now will still be 100% viable at 65.

It’s as good of a time as ever to experiment with new/weird builds.

There is still a few incentives to play if you’re not dead set on fully fleshing out your level 60 meta build.


I’m in that boat. Hell, there are a couple characters I don’t think I’ll play even when the 10th hits. I got a recent urge to play and I leveled all 4 of my characters to 60. When I was doing that I realized I just don’t like how some characters play. Unless those rumored 4th skill trees come with this DLC, I’m probably gonna leave those characters alone until I feel another urge to return.

I just want a reason to play those characters…
(and yes, I realize how that sounds)

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I’ve honestly been looking for some excuse to play before then, but I’ve been unable to find one. All of my characters are max level, there’s no point in grinding for better gear until the patch, I haven’t seen any really cool builds that motivate me to level up a new dedicated character… I just need something to do but everything I can think of would be basically pointless once the DLC & level cap come. So I’ve just been reading the forums hoping to find some spark of inspiration. No luck so far.

For anyone like me who doesn’t have all four characters leveled up it’s a perfect time to play.

Mayhem Made Mild was the first time I played Mayhem level 10 and had any fun with it. Doing di made it a lot easier to level up quickly. After I completed the main story with my second character, Moze, I let that character sit at level 50 and held off on doing any of the DLC until DLC 4 came out so I could reach max level prior yo playing them. My other two characters of the four I have yet to complete the main story with.

That’s what I was going to work on until leading up to the 10th, then it dawned on me that it would be smarter to just play true Vault Hunter mode with my level 60 characters to get loot to sell so I could continue to expand my bank. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Instead of quitting my game I’ve left it up so I could continue to play Mayhem made mild without getting the new hot fix. That way I can continue to farm level 10 Mayhem gear and sell it.

I’ll probably keep it up for the next week to get as many SDUs now as possible and stuff my bank with level 60 MM10 gear ad possible that i’ll sell after I get my lower level characters past level 60.

I am hunting Skins and Heads , having no luck with dlc 3 Heads. Killing the Ruiner at lv 60 M0 with M10 weapons is fast but loading times are stupid long ( 10 sec for killing and looting and almost 60 sec for quiting and loading).


If I’m having fun playing the game, its not a waste to play. BL3 hasn’t felt this fun to me in a while so I’ll continue playing but not really farming for specific items until I hit level 65.

If you are farming gear its not the best time because of the upcoming level cap increase but if you just play for fun and not for gear, it’s certainly not a waste of time.


I was curious to the recent buffs, as I have held on to those specific weapons in the hope of improvement. But knowing I HAVE to re-roll has kept me from even trying to bother. Back when they removed Chain Gang, I logged in and even though I did not even have that modifier, mine were changed. I sighed and closed the game, not even bothering to log in since.

I will sit through the re-rolling, level1 character to 65, play DLC4, and most likely be done forever with any BL games. GBX has screwed it up so badly it has come to that…


I wish they’d just give us the level cap a week before the dlc. It would get us leveled ahead of time instead of rushing on release date, and would avoid this awkward period where looking for gear feels pretty pointless.

People have asked before. I don’t know if GB doesn’t want to, or simply hasn’t heard us.


It’s a waste of time.
New level cap is coming so no need to do farming now.
I will not play the game until DLC 4 comes out.


I just enjoy to play with my gear atm. I run proving grounds, both slaughters and maliwan takedown for fun. I only check loot from bosses and ignore the world drops. Sometimes I do a few missions to have the mini boss available on the character I’m playing.

If you don’t have fun by just playing the game you may ask you do you ever have fun with the game?


Yes, waste of time in my opinion. Have not touched the bounty DLC yet as there is no reason to get side mission weapons locked in at level 60 and no reason to farm. Like the last level increase, I will probably use the scraptrap area to level up all my vault hunters and then watch what gearbox does.

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Nope, not really. If there’s one thing i like about level increases it’s the re-gearing aspect. I regularly clear my stash inbetween DLCs and level increase already, to force myself to try new things.


Farming gear is a waste of time yes, except you want try something before the 10th.
But you can prepare for the lvl cap increase and upcoming sdu’s.
For example I played my 4 characters on normal difficulty to the point in DLC 2 where claptrap gives you the pearl and on tvhm all 4 are @ scraptrap. Farm 200 mio cash for each char, is also not the badest idea :nerd_face:
So when the DLC drops, it should take me 2 or 3 hours to get max lvl, max sdu and some lvl 65 pearls to start the DLC
But I’m a psycho :crazy_face:


I’ve done a small amount of farming with my original FL4K, just to top off my cash reserves for the upcoming SDUs. Otherwise, with this being the “final level increase for the foreseeable future”, I started running a new FL4K through the story, so I can get all the crew challenge rewards that my original missed out on, not realizing until after dlc 1 that they did not reset with tvhm. I’m still having way more fun than I should be having, after almost a year, and around 1050 hours.


Exactly, farming right now might be somewhat wasteful(outside of COM’s/artifacts). If you’re having fun simply playing the game how is it a waste?


Exactly. Games are just that - things to do for fun. If you play and have fun then objective accomplished. If all you’re doing is endlessly farming things that starts to get into part time job territory. Just kidding, kinda lol


OK I’ll be the one to draw the line in the sand:

Playing isn’t a waste of time, Farming Max Level Gear is a waste of time.

If that is the sole experience someone has left in playing the game, it is an achievement, and a ceiling.

Not everyone has hit that ceiling yet. I haven’t. I have two characters at 60, two at 42 that I am actively playing, and a bunch of mules I used to ferret gear from the first two over to the two I am leveling up.

I farm gear at max level to sell for SDU upgrades primarily. Anyone playing with characters below level 60 are likely enjoying themselves if they like the game at all.

I haven’t been seriously farming for weeks. It fun enough to run the trials and takedowns. I have also leveled 2 new characters up recently.

Plenty still to have fun with.


I’ve been playing and running takedowns just for fun,I have 6 Vh’s all at lvl60 M10 and have been constantly working on builds and trying new things as well as helping others that there is enough content to keep me engaged

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