Playing now a waste?

Ive been testing unusued stuff. For example, mixing Lucky 7 god rolls with moze’s 5 seconds of infinite ammo to destroy the agonizer 9000 in 3 seconds. I kid you not, its hilarious xd

Either way. 3 days left. Yeah im not really farming “hard” until im max lvl again.

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I’m curious, why 6 vh and not 4 ? :nerd_face:

Usual answer is completely different builds needing different gear. Saves bank space to just make new VHs.


I mostly have run Moze from just after launch and I have a alt Moze that I test different builds on,right now she’s setup for a root sniper build and my sntl/clone has an alt that’s setup for sntl/dome urad haven’t done alts for Fl4k gamma urad or my Amara but I’m thinking of doing one for Amara,sometimes it’s easier than breaking down that one character to see if something works


I just find myself trying to get the right drops from the bosses that they are supposed to drop from. It is just a grind and I have to do this. It is still nigh impossible to to get even one of the good weapons from the boss. The rate of getting that needed weapon is less than 1% and if they come with anoints then it is near zero percent that you get what you want. This is far too much of a grind. Been playing for several months now and I have always been wondering why the game is built so that the grind has been so so so hard to get what you need. I play at max mayhem level on the bosses but not much drops of any quality. Is this your experience as well?

I’m in the same boat. I think I’m at 1200 hours now? I still just love playing the game, period. Last month I reset my TVHM Moze playthrough and beat the entire game again… then reset it AGAIN so I could play through another time!

I’ve been doing M10 L60 plays with various builds are challenges. I completed a 100% COV Moze which was really fun and very different, and I just finished a Torgue playthrough now. Maybe next is Tediore?

One thing I never really did was to just create a new character. I’ve had all 4 VHs at 100% completion and max level for ages now, and while I still have plenty of do in the game and am having constant fun, I hadn’t made a new character in months.

This past week, I started a new Siren with the intent of seeing how long it would take me to 100% normal mode. No glitches, no shortcuts, no hand-me-down items. The goal was to beat normal, complete all sidequests, find all claptraps, eridian logs, etc etc. Final time was 23h 2m according to the in-game character timer. Not bad! I think I’m going to do another one soon. Leveling up a character is even more fun than I realized.


Stopped playing 2 days ago. No need to farm money to have the sdus maxed out on day1. Money is worthless so I better play and try to farm it while enyoy the game rather then farm money.

I could give you a gunner head from DLC3 if you want. I’ve been farming that damn turtle for so long and have gotten all of them except for my main Amara :frowning:

Sold all my level 60 items saved a few for farming and mostly emptied out the backpack and the bank, Level 65 will replace them anyway. Will level up, farm, then buy and play DLC4

I do the opposite. I keep one of every Legendary / unique in the Bank, and replace as I get better levels of better Anointments. A few I have multiple of ofc, but not that many.

The way I figure it, max level gear is better than no gear, and some Anointments are 100% worth keeping (I’ve been very lucky with +100% Cryo rolls recently).

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Thank you, but i have all 4 Heads now. Took almost 4 days,4-5 hours a day.

Now you know how I feel. Mostly due to the knowledge of level cap increases that would arrive with each DLC, combined with no way to level up loot you already have.

That said, I did deal with some of that annoyance by just starting new characters (despite having 2 or 3 of each character already).

Try it with hand me down items. That’s why I hold onto most legendaries, for the legacy fun aspect. As for the shortcuts or glitches I’m not aware of any really. Sometimes I save and quit if I think it make character dialog shorter.

One thing I did notice about the game upon replay after replay is that there are some trouble spots where it’s hard to get good gear at the level you’re at, or gear at the level the current story mission is at. You might end up trying to fight enemies that are level 25 while only able to find or buy level 20 gear.

I think the golden key chest OR hand me downs OR playing multiplayer are the only ways to really deal with that. I wish the vending machines (at least) would match the current story mission level.

Personally, I wish all vending machines, rather than just the ones on Sanctuary, always had gear leveled to you. I inevitably end up being over leveled, so I have to make too frequent trips to Sanctuary to get on level gear.