Playing on two PC's, one offline, one online

So I have a desktop and a laptop. I was recently playing single payer on my desktop, but my internet connection was down, so it was offline. I played for a couple hours, and got some lucky drops. Now I’m on my laptop, with n internet cnnection, an hour away from my desktop. I started up BL2, forgetting that my save hadn’t gone through on my desktop, and played for a couple minutes before realizing my mistake.

If I get back to my desktop, can I make it save the offline progress from my desktop over top of what I’ve done online with my laptop? Assuming I hook up my desktop to internet again.

I’m familiar with the save files and locations. They’ve been being saved in my onedrive documents folder also, which is shared between the computers when there’s internet access.

you don’t have to do anything at all. once you get back to the desktop and online, it’ll notice the files are different and ask you which one you want to continue playing.