Playing Pendles Makes ESP Hackers Extremely Obvious

When you’ve been playing any sort of FPS PVP long enough you can get a pretty good feel for when someone’s level of skill and pre-emption borders on the inhuman. With most games, it never really goes beyond that level where you think to yourself “that really didn’t seem very legit but they must have seen me or just gotten lucky I guess.” Playing as Pendles, running around near-invisible, definitely suspends any doubt when it comes to ESP hackers.

Just had a match on Overgrowth where a Galilea, despite my never being in their FoV to begin with, was able to track me cloaked from their main camp back to our line. Later, while standing behind the Galilea and again never having crossed their FoV at any sort of distance where seeing me cloaked was conceivable, the Galilea hesitated, then ran circles around their camp a bit, then left, then I counted to 10 and hit their turret and I -immediately- get Shield Tossed in the face. I chocked that one up to experience and figured they were just smart enough to guess that’s exactly where I’d be even though that particular turret had no tactical advantage yet. I pop smoke, run around, she kills me regardless. Whatever, I shake it off. I respawn, run into the center area and jump behind the pillar next to the shock turret. The entire enemy team was beside our building housing the Supply Station the entire time and was therefore lateral and, again, completely out of LoS. The Galilea then peels off from the main group, mid-fight, with full health and full shields, to go check out their already fully upgraded Shock Turret for… reasons? By this time I suspected something was up so I just chilled there to see what they’d do… if they actually had the balls to attack me cloaked totally out of the blue like that when it’d have been clearly impossible. The Galilea then rounds the turret pillar, stares right at me for 2seconds, then turns around facing directly away from me as obvious bait. I couldn’t goddamn believe it.

For reference, this was all in the extreme early game and there was no one on the team with any sort of reveal capability in their helix. Any one of these things I’d chock up to dumb luck but all three back to back to back in a matter of a few minutes? No, that’s ESP hack. I’ve seen this sort of things a few times but never this blatant. I’ll be closing on a person and they’ll turn to shoot me even though it’s an impossible angle, then I can tell the player realizes it’d be obviously impossible they’d know I was there, so they’d turn and just wait, hoping I’d jump them so they could turn and headshot me. You can just tell with peoples’ body language when they know I’m there when it isn’t possible. Ie. not cautious gameplay to make my job as Pendles harder, blatant awareness of my position at all times.

I’m concerned because this kinda thing, while definitely not nearly as bad in Battleborn as it is in other games, can poison a PVP community really damn quickly and I feel like no steps have been taken to prevent cheating yet. Hoping that changes and that Gearbox/2K take a harder line against it.

The fact she hesitated several times before attacking you tells me she spotted your Predator-esq shimmer and was determining what she was looking at. Pendles is not completely invisible and if you’ve got good eyes and better tv can be spotted fairly easilly.

Or someone on her team spotted you and sent her after you when you were spotted.

Edit: Or, better question. Did the enemy team have a marquis or orendi? That could have been your problem as well.


I assume this means they didn’t have a Marquis, Orendi or Ambra who could passively reveal him.

Yeah, it’s extremely easy to see Pendles, even when cloaked. I’ve gotten a number of stuns on Pendles players that think they are invisible when I can clearly see them just standing there, shimmering.


They just wrote that there were no enemy reveals and he was hiding behind a pillar that she randomly walked up to. No way to see him

I’ve had an enemy Pendle glitch before. The entire time that were invisible they had a bright red in their shimmer like they were on fire… yeah I could spot them easier than a much larger character half way across the map. But I’ve only seen that happen once

Yeah the first one I chocked up to the glitch ie. where you permanently maintain an effect animation until you die, like a slow, healing, or electric effect that’s clearly visible to the cloak. The last time however was extremely blatant because of how I had never been in LoS and how they came right over to me, leaving an active fight to do it.

Edit: And yes, in a straight line you can track a cloaked Pendles forever but I was rounding multiple corners, hiding, and being extremely evasive. Regardless, that one I chocked up to either the glitch or bad luck.

I mean, since they are aware there’s a Pendles in game, it is a good idea to occasionally check if he’s wrecking on buildables. (Or waiting to do so)
Same as if you’re playing against Oscar Mike but notice he isn’t participating in the team fight - Someone should go and check if he’s backdooring and overall keep track of his position.

It’s hard to say what exactly went down from just hearing you explain the situation, video footage would be much better.

My apologies, I forgot he mentioned there was no one to reveal when I edited my post.

As for the pillar incident. . . unfortunately there’s several things that could have caused Gal to go after him. A glitch like @Keadron mentioned, someone noticing him when he ran past, or just something innocuous like checking their back like @reliikki mentioned.

Without video, there’s no way to tell and it’s a fairly bad accusation.

It’s not really an accusation at all. I didn’t mention the player by name. Am I saying ESP hacks are a thing? Yes. You’d have to be insane to deny that when there’s video proof all over YouTube of people showing off that they’re hacking and multiple top-hits on Google for just that sort of thing.

Yes the glitch is a thing but I’ve never, ever seen it not wear off with death. Again, I’m not accusing a specific player I’m just saying hacks are a thing, they are in the game, please fix that sooner rather than later.

I’ve seen ti seveal times where the enemy Pendles have a green outline around them.

For the entire match?

For a noticable period but this was like a month or two back. I’m talking like me looking around and seeing him invisible but green outline walking up so I just nade him as WF and decloack him.

Ambras reveal used to be bugged, giving a permanent outline to all enemies. I think it reset on death, not sure.
The outline will be whatever enemy team color you’ve picked. For me it’s orange.

That was fixed with the last patch though, so it shouldn’t happen anymore.

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That’s probably it. Ambra already has more then enough ways to ruin stealthers lol

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I do still see the status effect animation bug but at least with that you can sometimes tell if there’s something still acting on you via visuals or sound effect. Had one a few matches ago where the hedronic collector’s shock stayed on me for like 5min til I died, then it went away. Then the next match I was playing Benedict and the enemy Pendles had like… every status effect he’d ever encountered permanently staying on him at one point until death.

Teleporting to base doesn’t fix that bug either. Kinda hoping it gets fixed as well as it’s competitively game-breaking for Pendles on that particular respawn. On the plus side, effects sometimes linger in the environment for the entire match too so I’ll watch teams start to hose a stationary Slow effect thinking it’s me. Pretty funny.

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