Playing Reyna solo

Hey boys and girls.
I love playing with Reyna, both for the character and her Gameplay.
But thing is, she is unbearable to play solo, everything takes too long.
Any of you managed to find a way to play her efficiently in solo ?

It’s the same for most support characters, I’m afraid. Reyna’s just too awesome to not share that awesomeness with the world

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Most effective way is to priority laser pistol and aim for head shots. Her lack of aoe is a major issue in pve…

Nah. She can deal with the large minions and bosses well enough, but once you get a large group of weaker minions in the she starts to have quite a bit of trouble and you get overwhelmed. I’d just stick with a more versatile character like Oscar Mike for solo runs and save Reyna for a group of 2 or more where she excels.

Love Reyna… but her INABILITY to shield herself leaves her with so little survivability I cant imagine getting far with her.

If you play her solo her failsafe skill doesn’t require another player to lock onto. It just gives you an overshield. Of course, that doesn’t really help the fact that she’s one of (if not THE) worst minion clearers in the game.

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Yea, I think GBX knows that. They even warn you before you pick her. That’s probably the reason she is so great at team support. She is kind of a jack of all trades but her inability to deal with minions in an efficient manner prevents her from becoming OP.

I’m glad she has a handicap bc I like everything about her and any other improvements would result in a nerf (except her Ward, that thing is terrible).

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How does this work if you are ‘alone’ in pvp, and not solo in a game?

In any PvP match you’ll need a teammate to shoot the overshield onto before you get one yourself. If you don’t have one for whatever reason you’re going to have to do without.