Playing since launch. These are my Moze issues

Moze is my main But she is so much worse than others vault hunters. Vampyr is the only health regen option and its near the bottom of a skill tree. It has zero synergy with shield of retribution (Vampyr doesn’t heal shields without a class mod) and relys on grenades instead of weapon damage. That’s two strike worse than others. This leaves your build choice really limited. Her Shield of retribution tree should really focus on giving her shields powers that other shield have so you can make a unique shield. Like a skill point that makes her shield reflect bullets, drops ammo like big boom blaster etc. it would nice to see her shield be more customized instead of just big. Her cap stone in shield of retribution is lack luster and if you run a deathless artifact it doesn’t work but it seems deathless was made for her.

There isn’t any shields that give bonuses while shields are active (only full or empty) so you can’t really use those perks effectively. Unlike health based vault hunters who can benefit from a broke shield.

Her ASE damage anoints take a hit when they can’t be used as often because her action skill has a long cool down. Would be nice to see it last longer for her since she can’t chain skills as often unless you glitch the game.

Tongue Cross Promotion can kill you. Maybe if they changed the grenades so they do not damage you it would help. No reason to use a skill that can kill you when it procs. Click click click seems to be the reverse of what you are trying for with her bottomless mags skill tree. Her damage should be higher for shots that exceed the normal magazine count not when the clip empties. I have some more examples but you get the point I hope.

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I think the three major things:

  • Moze has insane damage but it limits you to a specific build so yes if one of the long term goals of the game is build variety (the answer is yes, see Broken Hearts news) so we can accomplish game content equally competent, the game isn’t there yet.

  • Survivability. I believe a bunch of people had already mention this. Vampyr at almost bottom half of the blue tree again limits the builds we can create. If you wanna focus on the green and red tree, say goodbye to Vampyr. I should have good options and survivability choices if I wanna skip Vampyr. No, leell 1 Stop Gap is not the answer

  • IB animation. Period.

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