Playing the Free Trial on Xbox? Want some Battleborn Friends?

Hello folks,

If you’re new to Battleborn on Xbox One thanks to the free trial, let me just say welcome! Please post here if you’re looking to find some players to team up with! To start with, feel free to add me to your friends list, my Gamertag is Genericktag. I’m an experienced and kind of decent player, and I’ll be ready to jump into some games with you as soon as you hit level 20! If you have any questions about the game, feel free to send me a message.

And of course if you’d like to team up with some other new players, you can post your gamertag here too. Let’s have some fun!


I’m not new, but I’m adding you anyway.


Hey guys. New to steam and Battleborn but not to gaming.
Do add me, can’t add people on Steam.

Finding matches on PC can be tough, but there are a few dedicated players who I’m sure would be happy to have you. Is your Steam ID the same as your forum username?

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Is the matchmaking better once i hit 20? I could never find a match so i havnt played, and none of my friends want to give this amazing game a chance. Im trying to hit 20 as quick as possible, and i am hating myself for giving up so easily seeing as how i supported this game from day 1.

You can add me on Xbox

You should find games much quicker post level 20.

Absolutely. You’re kind of stuck in limbo right now. Once you can join the main player pool you should be fine.

PS: Added you tommy friends list.

Watch out though, I’m swimming in that larger pool as an explosive Orendi. I munch faces n stuff. I have an on off relationship with the game. I’m gt: Holy Duckman13
I’m kind of an elitist ■■■■■ so take that at what it is.

If it’s an Orendi duel you want look no further!

I don’t have many peeps to play with, I’d be down to group. When do you play? I havent’ done a duel before

I’m usually on Xbox around between 10pm-2am PT, but it varies. I’ve been playing through another game but just send me an invite and I’ll be happy to jump in.

dang, that’s late for me! I get up early and I get off usualy around 10pm pst ish. maybe weekends

Like I said, it varies for me!

ill be on tonite I think around 6pm-10pm pst

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hey guys
long story short i want to learn the game but i kinda suck at it barely comandant lvl 7 try to learn pvp with montana/reyna if you have a place in your group for a newbie like me ,plz feel free to add me
GT: Mamsuh
ps: i’m from france so prefering EU players but US player are welcome to add me too ^^

For sure. Add me back as Genericktag.