Playing this game solo is unbearable

I have an issue with match making taking forever to set up.
Finding all the players, then everyone selecting their characters which some people don’t or afk and 9 other people get to wait on them to decide to pick a character for 100 seconds ( which wouldn’t be bad on its own, but with everything else…) Then I get in a game where someone is afk and not moving from the starting position, or someone quits immediately or a few minutes in from rage or w/e. The last 2 people vote to never give up, never surrender.

Now I’m stuck. If at any point I decide i don’t want to be apart of this cluster of a game I am apart of I may as well turn the game off. I can’t start a new game while the old one is in session so I have to smack my head against the wall with the remaining 2 members of the galaxy quest crew or just turn my console off.

The last 3 times I have picked this game up its been just that. Wait 10-15 mins to get in a game only for there to be half a team playing. Wait 20-30 minutes and do it all over again. 3 sessions, 3 hours gone, maybe an hour of playing. I would gladly take my money back if it was an option.

TL;DR matchmaking takes ages. I am done playing this game.

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