Playing through Borderlands 3 more than one or two times feels like a chore

I am really enjoying the game and I would also really like to play through the game multiple times, especially with different people.

But the fact that you sit around so much doing absolutely nothing is just the worst. It was fine for the first time, of course. After all, the story is something to be looking out for. But it felt so bad when I played TVHM and now, starting on a new character, it is even worse.

Why is there no way to skip Cutscenes at all? Why is there no “no story” mode? I cannot see myself playing through this game more than three times maybe, even though it already is really boring to just sit and wait for all of the story to play out.

Of course people will stick with one class if they have to endure this kind of stuff to get another character to endgame.


Don’t play through multiple times then, there’s no law that says you have to.


Duh, of course not.

But that’s not why I made this post.

I just want to know what people think about that matter. Do people actually think that this is good?


At least in TVHM you skip the first few mins of claptrap telling you how to jump and slide and stuff.

This has been an issue in the whole franchise and not a ton of improvement has been made in this aspect.

Did you play the previous games?


Yes, I did. Plenty of times.

It just feels like it got worse than before. I may be wrong though.

Maybe I somehow expected an improvement in that regard. But it is not too late for that improvement to come anyway.


I wanted improvement on it as well but we literally got 100s if not 1000s of improvements in this game.

So why is this so much worse than in previous games now, when the game is so much better?

That’s what I don’t get.

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Oh no do not get me wrong on this. The game is definitely good and I really like it.

It is just this one thing that stands out. And I think it is a pretty major issue at that.

edit: What I mean by “this feels worse” is that I think there is much more time now than in previous Borderlands titles where you cannot do anything and just have to wait.

I use the time where I just have to wait in game to type out this stuff actually.

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I’m doing a reset tvhm playthrough and I spend more time waiting on dialogue than cut scenes, but I just use those 60 seconds or less to check notifications on my phone or take a drink of water.

Compared to other games I’ve played I don’t think it’s too bad.

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lmao same here, I post bug reports during the downtime

lol they could put a timer up an say that u have this long to go piss or get something to eat or whatever lmao


Can you give me an example of such a game?

Also: Yea I mean cutscenes and dialogue of course. Basically all the time you just do nothing.

We need a level cap upgrade asap.

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out of all my issues with the game this is not high on the list.

I will say that I will either not make a 3rd and 4th toon or will power level them both though.

i pwlvled my 4th vh not gonna lie

Red dead had more and longer cut scenes, basically all rpg’s, gta did as well.


I can agree with that. But I think that a game like Borderlands, even though you would put it into the same genre like the games you named, is more predestined to be played through multiple times. For example, I personally never felt the need to replay RDR or GTA5 simply because their whole content feels more story driven and centered around it while a game like Borderlands is all about testing different characters, items and builds and relies more on its endgame grinding and fast paced combat action as a core gameplay mechanic. Just compare the quality of the story of any Borderlands title to any Rockstar title or other famous RPGs like The Witcher. It’s laughable.


red dead had a much MUCH better story, I would say it was more story driven where this is shoot stuff…

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Yeah but part of story telling is building characters and while plots and plot points are not always the best borderlands has made some of the most memorable characters, and a world that you want to spend time in.

That is all part of story telling.

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While I do agree with you here again I do not think a story needs to forced upon you multiple times. I really enjoyed playing through the story the first time. Discovering the new stuff and enjoying the story-telling, how good or bad it may be, but playing it for the second time I do not need that again. I simply cannot be immersed in the game again and again in the same way anyhow. And I actually just cringe at how stupidly some of the story unfolds, especially knowing what happens after. The fact that I did not like the story that much does not add to the enjoyment when you are forced to experience it multiple times.

edit: At some point I really just want to enjoy the other side of the game which is really just barebones gameplay - shooting and exploding things. With different characters. By building them up, levelling them regularly. No story because I am simply not interested in it anymore and the waiting - action - waiting loop simply feels bad.


actually you have to play and beat certain missions in order to unlock slots in your character so you must complete up to a certain point and i will not give away what that is but we all know that point where you unlock that artifact slot

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