Playing through Borderlands 3 more than one or two times feels like a chore

the cutcenes being skipable is a huge factor and with gta and reddeead you dont have to play the story at all you can go off and jsut steal horses if you wnated to and just do your own thing they are sandboxes for a reason. Borderlands is not this is why it needs skipable cutscenes

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Don’t know if you remember this but in Skyrim, when waiting for npc to quit being boring with dialogue you’ve inevitably heard 300 times so far----(face it: we all played Skyrim in every possible build with every possible alliance at least 12 times)---- anyway, when they were locked in dialogue you could sprint into them and they’d stop talking and say “excuse me” or something, immediately triggering the next line.

I have done this so many time in those scenes in bl3 to no avail. [Sad trombone]

except skyrim was a sandbox you could go anywhere and do anything it was not at all like this at all… skipable scenes here is essencial


I mean, yes? I’m just lamenting that I can’t skip the mandatory non-cutscene dialogue and streamer videos. They’re soooo cringey after the 0th time.

Skyrim didn’t have cutscenes but it had mandatory dialogue and most of that could be skipped by glitching the npc animations. They just need a “press x to skip” activation on each NPC that is talking after the hard drive has at least one full completion of each scene

that would be an easy fix yes

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This is what we need. A button to skip cutscenes, dialogue and anything that just makes us sit around doing nothing.


Ironically, that’s what we’re doing anyway. I imagine my dog thinks I’m crazy as I just sit and stare at this bright light for hours at a time, then randomly go “DAMMIT ANOINTED AGAIN!!!” and then we go on a walk.

Life has to be confusing.


Don’t go all philosophical on me now.

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I completely agree with this… I played through borderlands 2 a million times but for whatever reason it feels so much worse trying to go through 3 just a 3rd time for my first normal playthrough on an alt


After finishing my final vh tonight I agree, I’m glad I will never have to do it again, you need to be able to skip cutscenes/fast forward through dialogue.

I did enjoy it thoroughly the first time and was ok the second playthrough but it was all downhill from there.

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I am lvl 50 TVHM Mayhem 3 with all four characters… I agree that after the 2nd time it felt more like a chore than anything. The reason it did for me was because the story has “less than stellar” writing. I took no enjoyment from it like I did (and do) from replaying BL2.


I started with B2 GOTY and all the addons/DLCs; loved Gaige, also played Maya; tried Axton enough to know I could do okay with him; didn’t really get into the other characters much. I loved the story, and to this day still Rage at Jack when Bloodwing dies (and Roland is a bit of a jerk there)

Big difference between B2 and B3 - the writing/dialogue/plot. The bits in B2 were tight; it took 4 words in B2 to succinctly convey what a long-winded and poorly written line does in B3. Specifically the message “Tiny Tina is Crazy” is very well expressed in B2 by “BURN ALL THE BABIES” and in B3 by a long winded “warning” about her by Wainwright Jakobs.

As for the Pre-Sequel - I’ve tried a few times to play it, but the character options are all … jerks.

B3 didn’t learn from this. Amara is barely tolerable, she is so enamored of herself. Pretty much same for Zane and he has less going for him. Moze is okay, but doesn’t have enough lines, and FL4K is the least annoying, until he starts yapping about “bloodlust”. Creepy.

B2 had numerous skins and heads - some a bit odd, but mostly attractive in various ways. B3 has idiotic heads, and skins that need work, and a color/palette system that sabotages it.

Overall, in terms of a lot of quality of life and likability issues - which directly translate to replayability - B3 is a giant step back from B2.


In borderlands 2 the whole story stopped because a ladder fell.

I think we look back with rose tinted glasses, bloodwings was mistakenly called a her when bloodwing was a him in bl1. They just flat out messed that up.

Bl2 had plenty of issues

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Yeah… I did 2 playthrough with Amara (normal, TVHM) and half a playthrough with Moze (until I reached Quagmire or something in Eden-6)
And… phew… it’s annoying…

If there are missions and other activities to do, I don’t mind playing through multiple times. If a cut scene or dialogue bores me I generally just zone out or go about my business while it plays as white noise in the background. I’ll play through with each character at least once as their play styles are quite different and I’ll most likely play through with FL4K on TVHM with a Rakk build instead of the Fade Away (Crit.) build I used the first time.

I agree with you that B2 had issues and wasn’t perfect. Having played B2 first, I did not like the way that Bloodwing was done in B1, but that’s me.

But overall replayability is a whole lot of things woven together, and the weaving in B2 was pretty darn high quality in general.

This kinda seems like “whataboutisms” to me… these problems in BL2 do not change how much downtime is in BL3 in the slightest, if anything these well known complaints from previous installments should have been noted and remedied. BL3 force waits you so much more than BL2 does. BL3 actively keeps you from going to areas most of the time while people are talking on top of the cutscenes while in BL2 if you knew what to do and where to go you could be well on your way while someone was yapping your head off more times than not. Comparing Borderlands to games like Red Dead seems like a stretch too IMHO. I get trying to be positive but saying just because BL2 had problems does not mean that these issues people are having with BL3’s replayability are now nonexistent.


I totally agree. Reading all the comments before posting, I see some have already completed the story in TVHM for all 4 characters. I am impressed with that kind of commitment because I’ve only managed that with 2 characters so far and working on my 3rd but it’s harder and harder to keep going with each character.

My 4th, Zane, is probably not going to make it past the current level 10. Sorry Zane.

I was impressed that area’s of the map and hidden items etc. were automatically unlocked when starting TVHM based on that characters Normal Mode progress.
As a backseat Game Designer, I would have taken this a step further and unlocked all this progress for any new character.
This would mean you could start a new character and go anywhere on the map. Play Circle of Slaughter then farm a boss etc as you work towards max level.

Just add the option to replay story or reset the entire game world for those that want it.


I’ve just seen this argument over and over and over that “Well BL2 wasn’t perfect at launch, so you can’t complain about BL3…” and it’s silly just because part 1 or 2 of a series had problems does not change problems in part 3 lol How deeply these things bother you is subjective obviously but it does bother some people and just because previous games had the same issue should only INCREASE someone’s frustration because nothing has been done to fix said problem/frustration in the games 3rd iteration. Some things are better in 3 compared to past games obviously and props for that, but that doesn’t mean you in turn get a free pass on other issues that should IMHO have ALSO been addressed. Also you should be held accountable for new or worsening issues you’ve created in the new product as well… just my two cents.