Playing through UVHM at lvl 50 cap

Has anyone tried UVHM while capped at level 50? How feasible is it?

It would be pretty easy, enemies don’t scale up and the game isn’t hard to begin with.

In UVHM the enemies will always be scaled to your current level.

Done it, similar to TVHM.

It will be easier than leveling up, because your current gear does’t get outleveled. But that issue could get solved by Iwajira-farming anyway, so there is that.
But its better than playing TVHM at 50 cause the Badasses earn their name at least. And boss fights are much harder, especially RK5 and Felicity. But its fun!

I’ve not done this for TPS but it’s how I play BL2 now. If it’s like BL2 it will be harder than playing at 60 because of fewer skill points, harder than TVHM because of reasons and quite a bit less tedious than levelling from 50-60 because your gear stays current.