Playing w/o guardian rank and seein dead

is there anyone out here who does this?

what did you learn from the experience?

i know i know first week of raid there was no GR no ase gear and we still did it. but how does it work with current setups is it worth doing it to get the better mobbing experience?

i did not have intentions of self restricting before a year into the game but here we are. you create your own fun in bl series my kind of fun is not steam rolling content. what do you do to spice things up?

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Seein Dead, Barrier is kinda Zane’s cheat code. If your going to be playing with the un ending Barrier build Guardian ranks being off isn’t going to hinder you all that much. You will still steam roll over any mobbing situation or situation where bosses use only projectiles. If your looking for a more vanilla Zane but still want to use Seein Dead my suggestion would be Clone/Drone. Go for Clone capstone and you can make your Clone last legit forever making Old U a much more usable Skill. The amount of life steal you will have will still be absurd so you still don’t run much risk unless your get hit really hard.

title says no seein dead man.

Not a Zane, but it sounds like you could just do a chain Zabe w/out GR and it would make much of a difference with executor and CCC. Do shield GR really do much for Zane with 24/7 barrier? Overkill prob wouldn’t do much.

they actually do a lot. and so does seein dead fo chain. but even in meta i do not resort to recursion/redistributor they are plain broken. playing without seein dead already makes zane much more challenging.

Executor plus CCC is still very viable and what I use. (I do play w/ guardian ranks though)

Edit for link:

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If this is the one you were using in the takedown I’d definitely second that it holds it’s own on m4.

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i was not asking if it is viable mate, me and prismatic did takedown w/o guardian rank and executor in first week i was asking more of what changes when you play like that in terms of specing for example suddenly you need adrenaline or you need more points is GM or borrowed time etc etc. do you need ccc stuff like that. let alone being viable with bonus cryo executor in some cases out damages seein dead setup. But i am completely cutting out bonus cryo annoint just unreasonably strong.

i want to do no GR no seein dead no bonus ase zane that can do everything but raid maybe. with bonus cryo and nade shield ase annoints game’s a joke. currently i am running non meta guns zane but it is still way too easy. kind of wanna find a frame where playing feels rewarding and not sure on how much shall i restrict on.

i might go away from Guardian rank first and see how off meta does. if it is still easy then i will drop seein dead as well. i do not have good executors tho. i know it is a trial and error process but would love to get a head start, perhaps if anyone want to join this weekend it would be fun to form a setup that restricts you just enough to start actually engaging with what you are doing in game instead of cake walking it.

PS4? I got some decent Executors you can have.

i am on PC :confused: i do have one with jacobs crit +pistol damage but i have spent so much time on maggie i just don wanna see this gun any more :d and since swap annoint is pretty weak relatively to bonus cryo i guess i should be looking for barrier crit ones. maybe i will go back to streaming and build up a concept on non GR +bonus elemental usage playthrough or some â– â– â– â– . in a while it will become default anyway

There are plenty of topics that can get you a good idea in the archive prior to Seein’ Dead as well. Should have plenty to look at while GR were disabled or people not relying on them. Just a thought? I noticed the forum has dwindled to a few of us now, and the ones that pop in every so-so.

there is a good reason for it, people got to end game took most meta setups and after using same damn guns and gear got bored and left lol those are the same people who always cry about when something unreasonably powerful gets adjusted.

myself i have no interest in playing the best i can last time i took bonus cryo sleepin giantand dictator into slaughter star and no efforted it let alone using even stronger ammo friendly guns. if i was playing redistributor zane or recursion amara/ ase rakk flak i would also not last playing more than 2 weeks and running the same content.

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Lol, that’s kind of too on the nose. I remember saying Zane is weak - then they gave us see’ing dead then the 100% cryo bonus and I was like “ok this is easy. I am done now.” I also don’t have the drive to try out CCC or other set ups as I will know I could be running something so much more efficient. Kind of miss the hunt for the great Zane set up.

I guess we are our own worst enemies.

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Well I was once one of the very active posters here and your reasoning couldn’t be more off point. When Seein’ Dead came out thats when I stopped playing Zane because it made the game too boring. I had already done so many Zane builds why would I want to go back and do them again, nothing new for me to do on Zane for a long time now since the only new thing was insanely broken and boring to use. So I personally went back to other VH that still offer somewhat of a challenge in the hard content and that is Moze/Fl4k. And for the record I’ve literally never complained about a single nerf, quite the opposite I usually make some video showing why said nerf wasn’t a big deal.

I don’t use Seein’ Dead. I like purple coms on Zane. Seein’ Dead just feels…it feels like a cheap cop-out of an item and a character.

It’s just too powerful and takes the fun out of keeping kills skills rolling and getting CCC procs.

I don’t mind guardian rank on though.

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yeah pretty much. it is like how it was with the bee you do not even choose a gun you just choose seein dead activator and bonus cryo delivery method. IT is plenty hilarious how ridiculous it gets even on honorable mention type of gear.

The bonus cryo pisses me off more than the seein dead. I can find some fun with other class mods but none of Zane’s other annoints match up the same since the buff. Every video and post about Zane builds always says get this annoint… Not even mentioning other options.

Well the difference is drastic

I’ve been playing with zero GR with off meta builds until recently. I still use Seein’ Dead with clone/drone tho and most content until the bonus cryo anoints got unreasonably buffed were still some what of a challenge to where I found the gameplay very fun and exciting. It gets to a point tho that some content u still need to use meta weapons, but never needed a copy and paste cookie cutter build. I’ve been a huge fan of The Duc pistol and was making it work on scaled down M4 takedown with much success. Definitely wasn’t setting any world record times but I could still complete the takedown consistently. I just recently starting using GR tho for overkill so I could still solo M4 full scale takedown with mixed lvl 50-53 gear.

Also forgot to mention I didn’t take advantage of the ASE anoints with the clone either. Made use of the +130% clone swap anoints and 3% max health/sec shield anoints.

pretty brutal