Playing With Douchebags

I suck. I know it and accept it. But seriously, why are there such douchebags playing this game? We just finished a game of capture where our team started with only four players. We were matched up with a full team who were all much higher level than us. They killed us, and then just sat at the end of our tunnel and would ambush us as we tried to leave. Was that fun for them? And what is wrong with the match system? I have played about 60 games, and I have gotten a score of zero in over half of them.


Yeah, i feel that players shouldn’t be able to be spawn-trapped on Capture (Outback), but you’re trying to appeal to human nature, haha. For some reason, people like to prey on the weak.

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Well farming you at your spawn may suck in capture it’s pure strategy if you 3 cap makes it easier to hold all zones and completes challenges. My best advice for the situation is find the weaker side zerging them down then ganking the rest or going base to base as a team. If you get to a 3 cap farm though you probably won’t stand much shot so the alternative is surrender deny them kills, challenges, and you short change the credits/xp they gain. At least you win a small amount then.

Please change the title so it does not hurt our simple FORUM RULES - No matter how angry you are, please no insults to other members, players and no insults to people in general.

@Ganjamira But the title is so eye catching.

The people have spoken, and they want four more years of douchebag!

I often agitate/abuse people in PVP…when I was 12.

Just give us more DBs!!!

@HandsomeCam duhhhh totally issed that FamilyGuy reference lol

EDIT: Mhh… Thanks for changing it yourself @easplund .
But I don´t now about that “Douchebags”.
I´m usually well educated in cursing & swearwords, but I let the native english speaking mods decide about that one. I´m to tired to judge if its better or less insulting than “idiots” or “feeble minds”.
I like “Feeble minds”, but it could be just very “kleese-like”, as in saracastic, rinkled and cynical…
@Derch I´d apprechite your help in language-skills here^^

The issue with your statement is that this game rewards you for decimating people look arms some of the challenges like old man cranky.

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I don’t know what a DB is, but it sounds… unpleasant. My last comment was a Family Guy reference, but don’t get me started on Futurama quotes; you’d have to suspend me for overusing them. Don’t you worry about Douchebags, let ME worry about blank.

EDIT: Wow… I JUST realized that DB meant “douchebag”. It took awhile, but i got there. It’s okay though; i’m autistic, so it just makes me look inspiring.

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Are you on the PC?

You got a good point there.

Seriously, THAT’S what that one’s for?! No ■■■■… I can’t believe i never thought to look at the requirements; i was playing Kleese for the first time when i got it, and assumed it was his “reach rank 2 with Klesse title”.

Do you only play capture? I found that incursion was the most friendly to me when I was still trying to figure stuff out. After you figure out what to do its the best mode IMO…of course everybody will have their own opinions on that

Entered a match yesterday and was wrecking face until 3 of the 5 enemies left. One of them I think went AFK because I didn’t see him (could have been on the other side of the map trying desperately to leave spawn) but the last one, a poor poor Toby, was trying to get out on my side.

Eventually I stopped and messaged him, saying: “I can’t speak for the rest of my team but I feel bad, if you wanna kick it with an awesome Gold Orendi till the end of the match, I won’t attack you.”

Sadly they surrendered right after I sent the message but he messaged me back saying “Thanks for the support, maybe next time we play and my team decides to **** out, I will “kick it” with you for a while!.”

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Yeah, i always try NOT to do that if possible, because it makes me feel like ■■■■. Still, i’m not going to just SIT there; not with the player count steadily dropping. Also, before any one feels obligated to bring it to light; yes, i AM aware that such tactics are in a large way responsible for that very drop in players. It’s one of those moments, where i keep thinking “come on, just stay in there. Don’t be a hero!” Then they jump down, they get killed, rinse and repeat. I got to admire people’s spirit when they do this. When it happens to ME, I just taunt the enemy team until they get pissed and message me, calling me a “coward”. LOL, WHAT?! Sometimes i make a break for the other side of the map when they’re focused on another member of my team, screaming the whole time as my health ticks away. I still don’t win, but the RUSH!

I don’t see how anyone can be bothered by the use of “douchebag” when Isic uses it frequently in the game. Anyway, that game got to the point where even if the four of use waited and tried to leave together, we would still be slaughtered instantly, because that 5 opponents were all 5-6th level and we were still all first level. Does anyone know if the matchmaking takes into account command level when forming the teams?

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It absolutely positively does not.
It doesn’t consider 5man pre-made vs 5 randoms.
It doesn’t consider skill.
The matchmaking is typically sof one sided all one team sees is taunts till they get pissed die stupidly and get tea ceremonied or gun showed again.

The last few days have actually been alot better for me and a few other I’ve talked to as far as one team getting steamrolled. Even with more lower CR players I don’t know what they did or if I just got lucky but its working pretty well right now(ps4)

Most of my games on xbox have been 6 minute slaughters lately.