Playing With Douchebags

Hmmm maybe I’ve just been getting lucky with really good games

See the games have been good for my team lately just not the other guys.

You play with premades?

Only me and one buddy then 3 randos.

Oh I usually play with all randoms. I dont think a premade of 2 would cause that big of a difference soo I’m probably just getting really lucky I’ve had a blast the last day or two with the games I’ve been having

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Toby’s “Flightless Fury” taunt also occasionally results in calling people a “potato-brained douche”. I love it.

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I mean it helps that we have mastered 10 characters each and lored out another 6 so we can play whatever is needed for comp.


I got stuck playing with two complete douchebags in Capture just now. In the lobby, I see multiple people talking to I plug in my mic expecting a good game. I start up the game and choose Benedict. First thing I hear is two people say “Bro, why’d you spend money, you’re wasting money on this piece of ■■■■ game come on”, so I say “The skin was the reason I started playing Benedict. I was against buying it so much but it looked too good to pass on and figured it’s $5, who cares”. The kid then says he has his volume turned down so he can’t hear me, but wouldn’t want to hear a ■■■■■■ like me speaking.

Clearly, that’s going to annoy me a little because I just plugged in my mic to actually talk. Within 30 seconds, everyone on my team dies except me, and I’m running around capturing points. I then tell the two kids to come help and we can capture the other points while I take the Varelsi. One then says, “go ■■■■ your self you money spending ■■■■■■.” This entire time I’m laughing though, just because I’m not going to take much offense to it, even if it’s annoying as ■■■■ to deal with. I also didn’t mute them to attempt to help them out, while I’m killing Varelsi, I see Rath start walking towards the two kids. I check and see he’s level five, fly in to help, and say watch out he has his ult. They both proceed to get ult’d die, and I get a kill and fly out. They start calling me a ■■■■■ and other names for not dying with them when I literally JUST WARNED THEM. After that, I just hung out in the base because I refuse to help two morons like that as a level 5 against multiple level 8+ on the other team because each member of my team had over 8 deaths with zero kills, while. I was at least 2-4.

I don’t understand you can be that thick skulled and an ■■■■■■■ to someone who’s trying to help.

Not naming names or anything, but I ran across a top notch douche earlier today.

In the lobby, before the match began, he starting whining about a low-level member on our team and how we were all-but-guaranteed to lose because of that person.

Once the match started, the lowbie actually played pretty well. So cap’n douchey started complaining about the match being too easy and boring.

And on and on he went. Eventually I just muted him … but good lord he was an obnoxious douche.

First one I’ve run across though, so no real worry here.

“Law of averages, I guess” -Montana.