Playing with more than 4 friends

This would be Super Awesome if there was a way or some game mode that allowed more of your friends to play with or against each other. Even if challenges aren’t able to be gained exp could still be gained.

Beta has private matchmaking. I play2v2s all the way to 5v5s all the time.

ok ok I see I see but you gain no EXP from playing private matches and I meant specifically Modes where a co-op of 10 people would be feasible and a mode where 5-5 that is like a private match but you gain some amount of EXP ( prob less feasible or likely)

Reasoning is you would have people play private matches all the time and power-level that way without really competing against anyone within the community.

Yeah, i figured but when you want to play with more than 4 friends and have a party of 8-10 you would be able to get something out of it or at least some kind of 10-player co-op possible. idk these are just ideas i was thinking of when playing with some friends